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"Never... Never Ever... give up or surrender! Except to convictions of correctness and honorableness."

-- Winston Churchill.
British statesman, army officer, writer. He served
as British Prime Minister during WWII.
1874 - 1965

"One is not
born a woman.
One becomes a woman. But not one woman ever became genuine
if she mimics and imitates men."

-- Simone de Beauvoir.
French Social Analyst.
1908 - 1986

You may read a compilation of edifying thoughts from great minds at Thoughts From The Wiser found in The View.

:: Health Sense
» DHEA side effects or benefits of DHEA - Can those side effects outweigh the benefits ?
» hGH human Growth Hormone dangers and benefits - Nature will never negotiate
» human Growth Hormone side effects - What is it that nature's mastermind wants ?

:: Owners & Money
» Luxury yachts for sale - Wiser owner sells mercilessly in today's market
» Sailboats for sale by owner - Uniqueness remains THE tool to sell well
» Luxury yachts for sale by owner - Attracting buyers like bees to honey
» Homes for sale by owner - The wisest option in XXI century market
» Homes for sale by owner - How you precipitate just one sale: yours !
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:: Cooking - Romance & Health
» Romantic food recipes ideas for him - Romantic evenings at home
» Cooking for him romantic ideas and dinner recipes for him to stay

:: Kids Education
» Most educational kids websites parents must know - Vital in formative years
» These kids most educational websites were created to excel on their own right

:: Personal Economy
» How to write pre divorce agreements - Secrets for post divorce financial security
» Divorce - Viaticals - Structured Settlements - What to know before jumping into it
» Structured settlements - A beneficiary gain from a much wiser option
» Viaticals - A Godsend as long as you acquire knowledge well in advance

:: Websites & Money
» How to increase website targeted traffic - YOU create the traffic for yourself

:: New Car Buying
» New car invoices prices - Dealers jack-up new automobile invoices prices
» New car invoices is just 1 ingredient in new car buying process

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» How Do I Find Love
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» Correcting His Mistakes
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» The Formative Years - Nothing Is Final
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» Touch of France In Your Home
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» Cheap Cleaners With Wisdom
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» Visiting France - French Manners Of A Gentleman
» Are French People Rude ?
» Nation Of Gourmets - France
» Notre Dame Cathedral De Paris
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» Men And Women Are Equal - We Correct Mistakes
» Men And Women Are Equal - We Envision Glory
» Men And Women Are Equal - We Ignore Nature
» Men And Women Are Equal - We Compete
» Men And Women Are Equal - Dogs Of War

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