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"Education is not to fill a vessel. Education is to
see a spark and fuel it until it becomes a flame

-- Socrates • 469 - 399 B.C.E.

» Grey Matter + Dendrites = Sublime Music • Scientists report gains listening to Classical Music.

» Women Do Not Want To Have Sex • Will it be possible that what women want is a Blue Prince?

» Teenagers Education For Parents • If Mom & Dad do not do their job, teens may not do theirs.

» Thoughts From The Wiser • We may benefit meaningfully if we choose to acquire their wisdom.

» One And Lonely Mr. Why • Teachers can tell who are the winners. The best teachers make them.

» Who We Are Raising • Kids become what parents present them with during the formative years.

» How Can I Find Love • Will it be possible that we cannot find love because we cannot give love?

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