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"Education is not to fill a vessel.
Education is to spark a flame

-- Socrates • 469 - 399 B.C.E.

Who We Are Raising » Youngsters become what parents present them with during their formative years.

How Can I Find Peace » Would you open the door and let in your home whoever asks you to come in?

An Officer And A Lady » He excavated something profound. He then dived with her in such alluring romance.

One And Lonely Mr. Why » Most teachers can identify who the winners are. The best teachers make them.

Raised To A Higher Order » What is there to be expected when judicious parents do their job as expected?

Men And Women Are Equal » This area has a diversity of articles covering the same topic. Enjoy variety !

Why French Women Are Not Fat » Centuries-old knowledge is passed on to them since early in their lives.

Women Do Not Want To Have Sex » Will it be possible that what women want is a real-life Blue Prince?

Teenagers Education - Just For Parents » If parents do not do their job correctly, teens may not do theirs.

Gray Matter - Dendrites - Sublime Music » Scientific evidences still pile up on benefits of virtuosos' music.

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