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Who We Are Raising

By George Josserme

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Freud told us that education starts at birth
and it goes on through the formative years. Its worth decides human qualities the baby will go by in life.

Education is a matter between
a person and the world of human qualities.
Education has nothing to do with school or college.

-- Lillian Smith
American Social Analyst
1897 - 1966

A NEW BORN HUMAN BABY merges and amalgamates human qualities of higher order. They were thoughtfully designed by a Mastermind. Like ingredients of a cocktail, the wonderful qualities are meant to develop to their full potential. Sadly, they are likely to get severely corroded if parents fail presenting their baby with valid examples on how to preserve human qualities of a higher order.

» it is dependent on how parents raise their kids and the environment they do it in.

» it is conditioned to the set of values and principles parents possess and which
  examples parents use to show their kids that set.

» it is determined by a large number of experiences parents accept to expose their
  kids to throughout the critically formative years.

» it is susceptible to the ability parents have to suitably convey and express love.

All of the above represents a portion of conditions with powers to determine to what extent a newborn baby keeps the image embedded in him as intact as possible. It is up to parents to realize that their new baby can be perceived as one book with thousands of blank pages. Every day, a blank page is written with experiences he was presented with or exposed to. Once a page is written, it is unlikely that it can be expunged, amended, or modified. Likely, each page dictates and governs the rest of his life.

As life goes on, the baby becomes a teenager and then adult exposing like billboards by the side of a road to what extent his parents succeeded in their dedication and investement of their efforts to preserve ~in a reasonable pristine condition~ the set of human qualities of a higher order encased in the baby the day he arrived to this world.

this article is to make parents aware that an image was embedded in their baby
immediately after the triumph of life. it will become badly distorted if they fail
playing their parental role, and severely corroded if their baby grows up in an
environment where apathy for integrity, rectitude, and decency succeeds.

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if you bungle raising your kids, whatever
you do well does not matter very much.

-- Jacqueline Kennedy

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