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Who We Are Raising

By George Josserme

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How a baby is raised and the environment he grows in are of vital importance. They determine if the high human qualities the baby was born with survive, or they will not.

"Every day, parents make deposits in
a bank account: their kids memory!"

-- Charles R. Swindoll

Pastor • Author • Educator

American • 1934 -

A NEW BORN HUMAN BABY merges and amalgamates human qualities of higher order. They were thoughtfully designed by a Mastermind who embedded a set of those qualities in that baby. They are intended to evolve and develop to a full potential during Formative Years. They will, however, corrode if parents fail doing their job to preserve such qualities during those years.

» preservation is contingent to how well parents present their kids examples
   of what is proper and correct.

» preservation is dependent on how well and where parents raise their kids.

» preservation is conditioned to values and principles parents themselves have.

» preservation is enormously damaged when kids spend time with bad company.

» preservation is determined by the kind of experiences parents expose kids to.

» preservation is susceptible to how suitably parents convey love and affection.

All of the above is a short list of conditions with powers to decide to what extent a newborn baby keeps the image embedded as intact as possible. Parents may conceive their baby like a book with thousands of blank pages. Every day, a blank page is written with experiences the baby was exposed to that day. As more pages are written, they dictate who the baby becomes later as an adolescent and an adult. Those pages cannot be erased or re-written.

With their actions, words, and demeanor it is then possible to perceive an adolescent as well as an adult revealing ~like billboards by the side of a road~ to what extent their parents succeeded at preserveing human qualities of higher order embedded in them when they were born. Hence, each of us are walking mirrors displaying a sharp image of who raised us, how we were raised, and where.

parents must realize that we are all born with high human qualities
that tell us what is the correct way to go through life, but those qualities
will inevitably corrode if a baby lands in the hands of parents who have no aptitudes to raise him.

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