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Women Do Not Want To Have Sex

By George Josserme

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An article intended for men to see that if women do not want sex it is because they need more; and two things are certain: Love & Care.

Another is for men
to be romantic.

"Love is a canvas provided by God,
but embroidered
by the imagination
of a man."

-- Voltaire

Enlightenment Writer • Philosopher • Pioneer
of Social Liberties

French • 1694 - 1778

THE MASTERMIND BEHIND MOTHER NATURE knows why women do not want to have sex. It is low level of a substance necessary to fuel sex drive: Testosterone. Without a significant volume of it, muscles, stamina, beards, body hair, a deeper voice, and sex drive do not develop. Should women have the same sex drive as men do, a catastrophic overpopulation of humans on Earth would have taken place millenniums ago.

There are, then, three well-defined reasons why women are neither enticed to have sex nor they want any: 1. Physiology imposed by Mother Nature's Mastermind. 2.- Rules that societies impose. 3.- A rather large percentage of women that perceive sex as an act that degrade them.

So, why do women engage in liaison with a man expected to manifest physiology and deeply embedded instincts how to perceive women?

A woman seeks a relationship with a man because she wants to be loved, and cared for. A woman needs to often be reassured that the Blue Prince in her life remains in love with her and cares for her. Should she feel that she is loved and cared for by a man who honors and dignifies her expressing love that he feels for her, she may only accept sex.

It may then be construed that exalting feeling of love is not about sex. It is about a man and a woman clothing themselves in a heart-felt and untainted celebration of love which may be rewarded with one act meant to seal a faultless bond between a man and a woman.

it is likely that the mastermind behind mother nature provides
each woman with intuition to perceive a man with the qualities
of a blue prince willing to honor and to dignify her before
she crowns him with a gift that only a woman can give.

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