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One And Lonely Mr. Why

By George Josserme

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This article intends to make parents aware that there is more than sending kids out to school.

The benefits kids rip
later in life is 'how well'
rather than 'how much'
they learn at school.

"Education is not
to fill a vessel. Education is to see
a spark and fuel it until it becomes
a flame."

-- Socrates

Influential Philosopher defending freedom of expression questioning rather than accepting authoritarian thinking.

Greek • 469 - 399 B.C.

V ALID KNOWLEDGE HAS BEEN IMPORTANT MATTER to me. As a result, my teenagers education and how well rather than how much they learn has been a concern. There is a difference between 'how well' and 'how much.' The former is 'Quality Knowledge' which creates success. The later is 'Bulk Knowledge' which does not make better a person's life.

During my high school, I had a Science Teacher known by the nickname 'Mr. Why.' This man mastered a principle I have never seen so proficiently implemented by any another teacher. His concept was that if a teacher has intelligent students, and students fail to learn, it is revealing that the teacher fails at passing knowledge on to them.

Mr. Why knew that teachers have powers to turn students into winners of the future. As a result of his convictions, Mr. Why's classes were far from a boring monolog. Instead, they were enticing and grabbing as he disclosed ~with vivid examples of events in daily life~ how we can see Mother Nature's Laws of Physics at work. We were so excited!

This teacher's nickname was because of his most famous question. Should a student enunciate a Law of Physics, he can be anticipated to ask "Why?" For Mr. Why, it was not enough that his students memorize laws. He wanted his students to comprehend the principles behind Mother Nature's Laws of Physics.

Moreover, he demanded for us to acquire knowledge in class rather than studying at home. Therefore, Mr. Why ensured himself that his students left each class comprehending what he taught that day, and that we will not forget the newly acquired knowledge. We all were looking forward to his next enjoyable class.

Mr. Why was proud that ~in his long career~ not one of his students failed Science.

it is of utter importance for parents not to take the path of
least resistance and become responsible. it is because they
are their teanagers' only asset and only way to succeed.

parents must pay attention to identify the spark that
socrates has been telling us about for 2,400 years.

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