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Teenagers Education For Parents

By George Josserme

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To have kids involves sex and birth. It is the easiest part. What comes after
birth is the toughest.

According to experts, High School Teachers play roles
of preponderance. They
can influence the life of
teenagers as they roll
into adulthood.

Bring up the chair, and
you be the Judge.

"The foundation of
a nation relies on
how well parents
educate their kids."

-- Diogenes Laƫrtius

Biographer of
Greek Philosophers.
Uncertain dates of
birth and death.

ACCORDING TO THE SCIENCE OF PHSYCHLOGY, teachers have the power to chisel, to shape, and to sculpt in teenagers what Mother Nature embedded: talents. It is of preeminent importance for parents to wonder if teachers have demonstrated that they mastered 'How To Teach.'

Assuming that a youngster grew up healthy, Mother Nature determines that ~during the teen years~ the brain is wide-open to acquire knowledge, to expand aptitudes, to develop talents, and to germinate a nature-given gift more than at any age. We may then deduce that when something is not right in High School, it is not because Mother Nature made a mistake.

» will it be possible that a teenager in high school failes to learn
  because mother nature deprived him of intelligence to learn?

» will it be possible that a teenager in high school failes to learn
  because teachers cannot evidence skills to masterfully execute
  'the teaching-learning process' that phycologists find vital?

I felt compelled to write about teenagers' education in the hope that you ~as a parent I presume~ may have wanted to read about an issue with all the power to adversely influence a teenager's life, and to likely harm the development of his adult life if High School Teachers collapse in failure executing The Teaching-Learning Process.

We parents have inescapable obligation to become conscious that our teenagers may not be in the best position to speak up when they confront what they likely perceive as intimidating establishment of adults. Unlikely, those adults admit their wrong-doings. Likely, those adults exploit teenagers' vulnerability, point at them with an accusing finger, and unfairly place them on a damaging position: teenagers are guilty in their failure to learn.

Parents' obligation is to commit efforts and come to help their
teenagers achieve success in life rather than choosing a path
of least resistance being unconcerned during a formative
chapter of their teenagers' lives.

Parents are their teenagers' only asset. Should parents
fail doing their job, they send out a damaging message
to their teenagers: "It is fine if you fail doing yours."

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