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Teenagers Education For Parents

By George Josserme

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According to experts, High School Teachers play roles of preponderance.

Those teachers can influence the life of teenagers as they
roll into adulthood.

"The foundation of a nation relies on how well parents raise their kids."

-- Diogenes Laƫrtius

Biographer of
Greek Philosophers.

Uncertain dates of
birth and death.

MOTHER NATURE DECIDED THAT THE BRAIN is wide-open since early in the teen years to gain knowledge more than at any age. Scientists deduced that ~when the brain expands~ skills, aptitudes, and abilities that Mother Nature built in each of us have the best chance to develop. Scientists concluded that when something is not working in High School, it is not because Mother Nature made a mistake.

» will it be possible that a teenager in high school fails to learn
  because mother nature deprived him of intelligence to learn?

» will it be possible that a teenager in high school fails to learn
  because teachers do not masterfully execute what present-time
  phycologists call 'the teaching-learning process'?

It is utterly clear to those scientists that how well High School Teachers master 'The Teaching-Learning Process' creates an outcome that affects the present and future life of teenagers.

I presume that as a parent, you may have wanted to know that scientists avouch that any teenager's life ~and his adult life~ may be seriously affected when high school teachers collapse in failure executing a vitally critical process: 'The Teaching-Learning Process.'

We parents have inescapable obligation to become conscious that our teenagers may not be in the best position to speak up when they confront what they likely perceive as intimidating establishment of adults. Unlikely, adults admit their wrong-doings. Most possibly, adults point at teenagers with an accusing finger placing them in a damaging position: teenagers fail to learn.

parents are the ones to present their teenagers examples of
correctness. it proficiently provides young minds one path
to follow and succeed as they roll into adulthood.

once they become adults, they go through life like walking mirrors displaying
an accurate image that reflects if their parents succeeded raising them.

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