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"Those who make you believe absurdities
can very well make you commit atrocities

-- Voltaire • 1694 - 1778

» Visiting Paris - Visit Sites Connoisseurs Do - Catherine de Medicis and Napoleon well knew where to go.

» Visiting Paris - Attune With Refined Visitors - Paris is for anyone, but appropriate for a refined visitor.

» Visiting France - An Investment In Yourself - France cultivates, nourishes, and refines those evolving.

» Visiting France - French Manners Meeting People - An article intended to prevent visitors from Oops !

» Visiting France - French Manners Of A Gentleman - What is expected of a gentleman meeting others.

» Visiting Paris - Ile De Saint Louis - This is valuable knowledge to be gained before visiting Paris.

» Are French People Rude ? - Many Americans successfully spread this concept: 'French people are rude.'

» Nation Of Gourmets - France - A must-have culinary knowledge for a well-informed and sharp traveler.

» Notre Dame Cathedral De Paris - Legitimate and useable information for a truly rewarding experience.

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