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* The articles that you submit MUST be your own.
* Great number of Article Directories in the Internet are all willing to publish almost any article that
  writers submit, but we are not willing to.
* We will not publish articles about Area Rugs, how to change Engine Oil, human Growth Hormone,
  Vitamins & Minerals, etc. It is because thousands of articles covering such topics have been already
  published. Instead, we are eager to publish articles of meaningful topics offering value with valid and
  accurate knowledge that readers cannot easily find elsewhere. Peferably, articles must provide all the
  information that more elaborated readers want to read.
* The author must make use of good English grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence
  structure in a writing that flows well and does not include 'Colloquial English.'

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willing to fully comply with our standards; then, we want
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