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France - An Investment In Yourself

By George Josserme

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An article for everyone who wants to advance, enrich, and forge their life.

Once acquired, it does not end when the plane takes off at Orly Airport.

"Acquiring valuable, uncommon knowledge is your investment. Most probably, someone would want to invest
in you.

-- Unknown Author

WHETHER YOU WANT romantic gateways, be transported back in time, or excitement of what is new, France guarantees all of it. Should your venue be different than romanticism, being taken to the past, excitement of the unknown, visiting France has other ingredients that cultivate and refine your life. The day you leave home, you arrive into an education that enriches, cultivates, and makes a new you out of you. The day you come back home, others notice.

When you arrive, open your mind and eagerness to learn. What you will encounter engulfs you in a kind of knowledge, education, and wisdom that you implement throughout your life once you arrive back home. It is all acquired on each trip to a fascinating place that deepens as it elevates one's life.

As your life evolves, you will make other trips visiting France. In each trip, you absorb what France has to offer nourishing your life with knowledge, wisdom, experience, and the Refinements of Life. It plunges you into an education that I call the university of france. It is intellectual nourishment that you cannot gain in college. As your mind expands ~and your intellect grows with it~ your life back home is more fertile.

Your enrichment does not end when the plane takes off at Orly Airport. No, benefits and rewards pile up. You will sense how much you have changed. You feel stronger because your personality is confident as a result of what you gained: knowledge of prominence that enriches and wisdom that elevates.

France is an investment in yourself that makes a new you out of you. Guaranteed!

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