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"Ignorance has always been a weapon of tyrants,
but enlightenment is the salvation of the free

-- Bill Richardson • 1947

» Celebration of Love - When someone tells you 'I love you,' in silence and to yourself you say 'Show me.'

» How Do I Find Love - Love is too precious for anyone to ask for it and get it. What should we do, then ?

» How Can I Find Peace - If you were the owner, would you allow anyone in just because they ask for it ?

» Disputing His Decisions - A Mastermind's decisions are always final. He does not negotiate any of them.

» Correcting His Mistakes - Fake couples next to a legitimate one creates downward spiral of degradation.

» One Transcendental Day - Eve took a decision. It was the most detrimental and ruinous day in our lives.

» There Is Someone Out There - When He promises His new system here on earth, is He serious about it?

» Our Formative Years - Nothing Is Final - All of it has power to shape and sculpt who we will become.

» Gray Matter - Dendrites - Sublime Music - Research keeps piling up. Few enjoy the work of virtuosos.

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