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How Do I Find Love

By George Josserme

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"Faith, hope, love. These three but
the greatest
is love."

Paul in his letter
to the Corinthians.

A MOTHER WAS CONVERSING WITH HER TEENAGER SON telling him about love. She told him... "When someone tells you 'I love you,' in silence and to yourself, you say... 'show me.' That mother's advice unveils that verbal claims about love have no value. An action and deed about sincere and truthful love is what counts.

"...but how do I find love?" Love arrives proportional to the abundance of love in our heart. Love arrives in the life of a good man or good woman who ~out of the good treasure in their hearts~ send out good things to others. How do they do that? It is done in actions and deeds of love, and that includes tender love and compassion to animals.

What you just read means that it is not realistic to find love in exchange for nothing. It is realistic to find love if we give love before we ask for it.

There is someone out there making a note for every act of ours. He can see intents of our hearts. He can perceive what is in our minds. He can tell if we are honest. He observes intents, acts of love, affection, and compassion. He evaluates if we reject hostility, resentfulness, bitterness, envy, insincerity, hypocrisy, deceitfulness, jealously. He keeps a close eye on how we detrimentally affect others with selfish actions that show to Him that we are not considerate of others.

...but when He can see love in us, then, He lets us find love.

He that sows with a view to things of the flesh
will reap corruption leading to death, but he that
sows with a view to love will reap everlasting life.

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