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Disputing His Decisions

By George Josserme

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This article should let you see if you have what it takes to deserve a life worth living.

Bring up the chair and
see if you will make it.

"Our planet came with instructions,
but we humans trashed them.
We need a new operating system
to tell us which way
is correct."

-- Paul Hawken


American • 1946

FIRMINGLY, I CONCLUDED THAT THERE IS SOMEONE out there spotting us with a crosshair sight. He watches how we think, how we act, what our feelings are, who we associate with, how much we talk and what we talk about. After a catastrophic outcome of Adam & Eve 6,000 years ago, corruption, harm, and malice has multiplied exponentialy. He must be so eager to pull that trigger again, ...and again, ...and again on humans who are unwanted, undesirable, and unwelcome. Since Adam & Eve, however, He cherry-picks humans who do not dispute His Decisions to offer them life worth living.

Do you have brain capacity to connect dots and to decipher what answers to the questions below imply? If you do, you may have a chance to life worth living.

» what if a jetliner pilot decides on his own to take off from an airport and to land
   in another disregarding what 'traffic controllers' tell him to do?

» what if a s.c.u.b.a. diver goes under water deeper and deeper ignoring what water
   pressure will do to his body?

» what if n.a.s.a. launches astronauts into orbit ignoring the laws of physics that
   govern re-entry?

» what if a builder of hot air balloons provides instructions to perform during rides
   but riders disregard instructions?

» what if a parachutist jumps off an airplane and starts doing skydiving acrobatics
   ignoring that he is approaching earth at 180 miles per hour?

» what if a car driver goes right through 'traffic lights on red' because waiting for
   'traffic lights on green' wastes his time?

» what if a car driver parks his car on a sidewalk because it is hard to find parking?

Should you decipher what is implied behind the answers to those questions, then, you already know that you should NEITHER dispute NOR arbitrarily change His Decisions.

Should you NOT decipher the meaning of answers to those questions, you let Him know that you chose to take actions that fit your personal preferences; that it is unlikely that love flows through you and out to others including animals; that you ignore what is proper and correct; that all you do is about yourself.

I deduced that a day will come when He will cleanup this earth leaving on it those who did not disregard His Values, Principles, High Human Standards; who did not impugn His Human Qualities Of A Higher Order with their preferences; who do not contradict His Decisions with actions they take every day.

Those who do will splatter like bugs on cars' windshields.

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