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Disputing His Decisions

By George Josserme

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CONCLUSIVELY, I STILL REMAIN DECIPHERING that there is someone out there who is accurately placing each of us in His Crosshair Sight watching how we think, what our feelings are, and which actions we take every day of our lives. He has the time to do it and He is doing it because He is cherry-picking His best humans.

After a catastrophic outcome with Adam & Eve decisions, and the millenniums that followed of human mischief, disruption, harm, and malice that disgusting and nasty people are likely to be, His finger must be eager to pull the trigger again and again and again.

Those with the brain to decipher will find that the answers to the questions below will help corroborate my words above.

» what if one jetliner pilot decides on his own when to take off from an airport and to
   land in another one whenever he wants ~and in the process of doing so~ he defies
   the orders given to him from traffic controllers.

» what if a scuba diver goes deeper under water ignoring what water pressure will do
   to his body ?

» what if nasa launches astronauts into orbit but the engineers disregard applying all
   the laws of physics governing re-entry ?

» what if a builder of hot air balloons provides riders with instructions for them to do
   prior to and during a ride but riders set aside and ignore what the builder tell them
   to do ?

» what if we jump off an airplane on a parachute but we fail to consider what exactly
   do once we are dropping at 120 miles per hour 'belly to earth' or around 180 miles
   per hour 'head down ?'

» what if we drive right through 'traffic lights on red' because waiting for the 'traffic
   lights to turn green' wastes our time ?

» what if we keep a long or a loud conversation in close proximity to people ignoring
   that such action is likely to bother or disturb those people ?

» what if men only marry women that look good to have sex with, and women marry only
   men who have money ?

» what if we tell our spouse or friend 'i love you' but in silence and to themselves they
   say 'show me' ?

Should you decipher the answers to those questions, you are showing that you understand what will happen to your life if you disregard and ignore His principles, values, and if you capriciously modify and customize His High Human Standards.

Should you NOT decipher the meaning of the answers to those questions, you let Him know that you chose to brush off His word; that you do not want to know about His guidance 'Abhor what is wrong. Cling to what is good and right;' that you insist taking actions that fit your personal preferences; and that it is likely that love does not flow through you and out to others including animals.

I deduced further, that the day will come ~and it might be sooner than we suspect~ when He will pull that trigger and cleanup this earth leaving standing up those who are men and women who do not dispute His decisions, that they live their lives not making changes to His values, principles, High Human Standards, and that they respect any decision He takes.

Unwanted People are the ones who do not suspect the repercussions of how we think, how we feel, and the actions we take every day. If we disregard His values and principles to fit our preferences, and we capriciously impugn and dispute His High Human Standards, we'll learn what splatter like a bug on a car's windshield at freeway speeds is all about.

The vast majority of people alive today in this planet deserve it. A tiny number does not.

the wicked one will be no more... but the meek ones
will posses the earth. they will find exquisite delight
in the abundance of peace... and will reside forever upon it.

-- Psalms 37:10, 11, 29

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