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Correcting His Mistakes

By George Josserme

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Michigan - USA - 1920

THAT PLACE AND YEAR SAW A MAN give mankind a meaningful and beneficial set that changed for the better people's lives in cities and towns across good part of the world. What he did was to flawlessly design, painstakingly thought-out, and refine one set of lights still known today as Traffic Lights. He went further, and included with his creation set of Rules of Traffic for drivers and pedestrians to obey.

His Traffic Lights were so well designed, all details so carefully refined, and the Set of Rules of Traffic were so well thought-out that his Traffic Lights and Set of Rules were all accepted world-wide without any town or city making changes or customizations.

Here there is a thing: what if with the passing of time we decide that...

» drivers in a hurry do not have to wait for traffic lights on red to turn green.

» drivers decide how many pedestrians walk across a street before they accelerate.

» drivers choose rules of traffic to obey, and may disregard all the others.

» drivers may park their vehicles at any location that it is convenient to them.

» pedestrians may cross streets, roads, and freeways anywhere they prefer.

Will it be possible that making up rules ~and disobeying those given to us for our benefit~ result in accidents and people gets hurt or dies? Yes, dreadful consequences will occur if each one of us choose which traffic rules we are willing to obey, which ones we decide to ignore, and which ones we replace with our own preferences.


Should we choose to spend our lives customizing and altering a set of values, principles, and human qualities of higher order masterfully created and flawlessly designed for our own good, we will confront devastating and catastrophic consequences. Just like those thought-out Traffic Lights and the corresponding set of rules were created and offered to drivers and pedestrians to avoid bad things happening, an unblemished set of values, principles, and human qualities of a higher order were also created and offered for humans to not suffer.

Should we have lost understanding why we must not modify, customize, or ignore what was decided for our benefit, we will undoubtedly remain living our lives in a downward spiral of frightful, horrifying, and harsh consequences as a direct result of we selfishly modifying and dumbly believing that it is just fine to do anything that fits our preferences.

A genuine couple and non-fake family rest on
the foundation of 'One Man And One Woman'

» will it be possible that there are well-founded reasons why the mastermind behind
   mother nature wrongly reject homosexuals?

» who is stupid enough to believe that the mastermind behind nature will negotiate His
   values, principles, and human qualities of a higher order with homosexuals?

» will it be possible that it is correct that families force their kids to see dad acting
   as if he were mom and to coerce kids pretending that mom actually is a dad?

» will it be possible that the mastermind behind mother nature made a mistake choosing
   men's and women's roles and it is our job to correct His mistake

» who wants to find out what will happen to those who raise their hands to say 'i want
   to correct His mistakes?'

neither fornicators nor adulterers nor idolaters
nor effeminate nor homosexuals nor thieves nor greedy
persons nor drunkards nor extortionist will ever inherit
the kingdom of god on earth.

-- 1 Corinthians 6:9,10

when lust and desire are conceived, they give birth
to sin. when sin grows, it brings forth death.

-- James 1:15

though they will join forces, those
wicked ones will not go unpunished.

-- Proverbs 11:21

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