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Correcting His Mistakes

By George Josserme

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• article synopsis •

This article makes
questions that will make uncomfortable those
who hurt others.

It will, however, put half
a smile on the face of
people who have a
clean conscience.

"What can be added to the happiness
of a man who is healthy, out of debt, and has a clear conscience acting
on God's Word?"

-- Adam Smith

A key figure during the
Scottish Enlightenment.

Scottish • 1723 - 1790

MICHIGAN - USA - 1920 - That place and year saw a man giving mankind something meaningful and beneficial that changed people's lives in cities and towns. He painstakingly thought-out, flawlessly designed, and refined a set of lights known today as Traffic Lights. He went further including with his creation a set of 'Rules of Traffic' for drivers and pedestrians to obey.

His Traffic Lights were so well designed, details were so carefully refined, and the set of 'Rules of Traffic' were so well thought-out that his Traffic Lights and 'Rules of Traffic' were adopted world-wide with neither changes, modifications, nor customizations to what that man in Michigan created.

However, what if with the passing of time we infuse our preferences and conveniences and decide that...

» drivers who are in a hurry do not have to wait for traffic lights on red to turn green.

» drivers decide how many pedestrians may go across a crosswalk before they accelerate.

» drivers may choose which 'rules of traffic' they want to obey and which ones to disregard.

» pedestrians may cross streets between intersections to avoid waiting for pedestrian lights.

Will it be possible that disregarding Traffic Lights and 'Rules of Traffic' by making up rules that indulge our preferences and conveniences result in people getting badly hurt and their lives may end? Yes, it is not only possible but likely that awful consequences occur if we choose which rules to obey, which to ignore, and which to customize with our preferences and conveniences.


God created values, principles, and 'High Human Qualities' so well designed, so carefully refined, and so well thought-out that ~like the Traffic Lights~ require no corrections. However, if we humans want to live life in whichever ways we want customizing our ways of life as we were Correcting His Mistakes, then, we deserve to live life confronting dreadful consequences paying a frightful and horrifying price such as Wars, holocausts, murders • Gruelling poverty all over the world • Terminal illnesses, cancers, viruses • Distrust, disloyalty, infidelity • Pessimism, depression, sorrow, sadness, gloominess.

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