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Visiting Paris - Île de Saint Louis

By George Josserme

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There is a more to say about Île de Saint Louis, but I gave you highlights and pieces of information that I consider necessary before arriving to this Parisienne Jewel.

Then, you discover much more once you get there.

"They say that when good Americans die, they go to Paris."

-- Oscar Wilde

Irish poet and writer.
1854 - 1900

WHEN VISITING PARIS, travellers overlook a 24-carat parisienne place mandatory to visit upon arrival: Île de Saint Louis. She is a jewel village frozen in the 17th. century that was placed by hand in the pumping heart of Paris. Admittedly, Île de Saint Louis is not a place for everyone; but you will reverence this place if...

» You adore the feeling of a small town.

» You perceive beauty in a historic environment.

» You want French Cuisine in a romantic milieu or setting.

» You want to live and to experience the life locals live everyday.

Île de Saint Louis is one of two islands in the Seine River, her life started back in the 17th. century, she is cobble-stoned, her size is 27 acres, she is connected to Paris by four bridges. In this enchanting island, one can find buildings of high architectural value, places to eat fine cuisine, small boutiques, and even enjoy a most delicious ice cream called Bertillon. Île de Saint Louis is utterly cozy and deserves to be the starting point each time you visit Paris.

For centuries, there is something well-embedded in the mind of French people. To them, it is not just to be alive or to exist. They are deeply into 'knowing how to live.' They call it 'Savoir Vivre.' Life in this island is about 'Savoir Vivre.'

There is a gathering of restaurants and places that offer what they prepare in their kitchens. Following, you will find highlights of a few of them. I did so from those sensible in price to the opposite. Regardless of price, however, all of them share something in common: Fine French Cuisine.

» Le Bossu - 17 Rue des Deux Ponts - You will be warmly welcomed, and you will eat delicious meals for sensible prices considering that you are in Île de Saint Louis. In my opinion, LecBossu offers the best balance between fine cuisine and price. Average price of a meal is US$35.00

» Le Flore en Île - 42 Quai d’Orléans - Their menu offers a large variety of meals including vegetarian. You enjoy fine cuisine in a calm and warm ambiance. Average price of a meal is US$45.00

» Alliance - 5 Rue de Poissy - This is an awarded restaurant that will delight you beyond imagination. It also has a price per meal that challenges your imagination: US$120.00

» La Crêperie du Cloître - Rue du Cloître - This Crêperie is where you enjoy true, genuine French Crêpes. During summer, you can enjoy them in the terrace. If you are into walking, then, Rue Saint Louis lets you walk cross the island from east to west; and feast your eyes and enchant your whimsies in the process. This Crêperie is the perfect place to rest for a while enjoying something very pleasant for about US10.00

There is a whole lot to elaborate on Île de Saint Louis, but I will not keep you reading for an hour. Instead, I gave you highlights and information I consider necessary before arriving to this Parisienne Jewel. I let you discover the rest once you get there.

I will, however, emphatically recommend to not disregard two issues of prominence: 1.- Do not show up anywhere with bulky paraphernalia that many tourists are so prone to carry. 2.- Americans are annoyingly loud and French people consider loudness distasteful and disrespectful. Loudness when surrounded by others is why Americans are not perceived as fine people.

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