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Visiting Sites Connoisseurs Do

By George Josserme

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Once you decide to walk away from all that Paris encompasses ~which is massive~ there are sites that enrich, enlighten,
and elevate.

They do so to the mind
and sole of those with qualities to perceive.

"France is the most civilised country in the world, but the French do not care who knows."

-- John Gunther

Writer & Journalist

American • 1901 - 1970

WHEN THEY VISIT PARIS, connoisseurs visitors know where to get started: Île de Saint Louis. After they break apart from the City of Love, they know where to go. Let's then discover which their favored places of predilection are.

» chamonix is the jewel of French Alps. She is gracefully located in a valley next to imposing and majestic mont blanc. She is the highest city in altitude in France. Her beauty and imposing surroundings makes Chamonix highly valued by mountain fans and prized by snow enthusiasts who populate 14 ski resorts. They eagerly want to do cross-country and ski-touring, snowboarding, ice climbing, and paragliding; but Chamonix is not about snow and ice only.

In summer time, you may ride a bicycle and experience scenes that stimulate and renew your relationship with Mother Nature and stunning views that keep breathless people with sensibility. You may also wish to experience exhilaration doing white water sports. No matter which of those experiences you are willing to pursue, they will remain engraved in your heart and memory forever.

» champagne is approximately 100 miles from Paris. A region known for its sparkling white wine where "brothers! come quickly! i am drinking stars!" originated at when Monk Don Perignon drunk the wine with bubbles he just discovered. Champagne along other wine-regions produce an estimated 320 million bottles of wine and champagne each year majority of which are sold throughout the world.

» provence alpes côte d'azur stretches from the French Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. She has 300 to 315 days of sunshine which makes that region the warmest part in the European Continent. Provence is where a French Cuisine originates, and where exquisite wines from valleys Côtes de Provence and Côtes du Rhône go so well with their food.

In addition, Côte d'Azur is home to Perfume Country; and the city of Grasse is at the heart of it all. She is strategically located with short distances to Cannes, Nice, Antibes, and Saint-Tropez. There are reasons to celebrate beauty in 70 miles of scenic views of towns and beaches.

Everything one can do, see, visit, and savor can be found in Côte d'Azur. Your eyes are filled, your body is rejuvenated and revitalized, and your soul is lifted as you engulf yourself in the same palette of colors and sweet smells that fascinated visitors like Napoleon, Brigitte Bardot, Pablo Picasso, Catherine de Medicis, Elton John, and The Beatles. Even Queen Victoria spent entire summers in Perfume Country.

Once you decide to walk away from all that Paris encompasses, there are sites that cultivate a mind and elevate the sole of those who are more refined. You now know where celebrities in the past have come to pamper themselves in, and where today's connoisseurs travelers come back to again and again.

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