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Discover Herbs' Health Benefits

By George Josserme

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Mother Nature's Creator
for Himself created foods loaded with nutrients for our body ~and that of our pets~ to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Herbs are one of them.

"Why should a man die when herbs grow in his garden."

Popular French Saying

WHEN IT COMES TO COOKING, French people have cooking knowledge that they started to acquire in the 1500s. People's imagination created a diet called 'French Mediterranean Diet;' but the people of France never heard of it. Instead, since the days of the Renaissance, those people became aware that fruits and vegetables offer a large collection of nutrients; and when consumed regularly over extended periods of time, they possess properties that circumvent serious illnesses.

The Mastermind behind Mother Nature created those fruits and vegetables. His intent was for our body ~and that of our pets~ to have a lengthy and healthful life. Since the days of the Renaissance, French people realized that herbs not only enhance the taste of a meal, but they have come along with their own health benefits. It is why French people say... "Why should a man die when herbs grow in his garden?"

Herbs contain certain oils, and when we break up the leaves into small pieces, those oils are set free from their confinement providing taste to a meal as well as healthful benefits of herbs. It is vital to understand that the broken up leaves retain most of the oils; but the broken up leaves must be consumed within a sensible period of time. If they are not, their qualities diminish. Another way to loose their qualities is by irradiating herbs which means to expose herbs to heat to accelerate the drying process. Choose a reputable Seller and ask about irradiation.

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