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French Mediterranean Diet Does Not Exist

By George Josserme

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• article synopsis •

Throughout their lives,
the French people use
wise cooking practices
and foods that nature intends humans to eat.
It yields healthful and delicious recipes that
exalt the senses.

None of it is a diet!

"I will tell you who you are if you tell
me what you eat."

-- Famous French Saying

RECORDED DURING RENAISSANCE DAYS in the mid-1500s, French Cuisine was born. Since those days, French people enjoy healthy, lengthy lives, and they eat meals that evolved people eat. XXI century scientists agreed that their sensible recipes, fresh ingredients persistently used in their recipes, and health-enhancing cooking practices are responsible for such overwhelming health benefits.

This article was written for you to discern on your own if the French Mediterranean Diet is what French people buy in book format or if it is the lifestyle of more evolved people.

To consume nutrients that Mother Nature offers, French people buy locally grown and seasonal foods. It means that French people do not eat foods from metal cans nor foods that come wrapped up in plastic. With the exception of Northern France where cattle is raised, French people eat leaner meats such as fish and poultry. These are six examples of their Mediterranean meals:

1.- halibut provençal is a fish meal from southern region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. It is a recipe well-regarded for flavors created by garlic, tomatoes, shallots, fennel, olives, and several herbs.

2.- bouillabaisse is a well-known fish soup from the city of Marseilles. Its success is a combination of well-balanced ingredients with never-absent Herbs de Provence.

3.- coq au vin is 'Rooster In Wine.' Nowadays, chicken is used. Originally from the region of Burgundy, this meal is cooked with Burgundy wine but acceptable to cook it with a regional wine.

4.- sole meunière is fish cooked in a butter sauce with flour, lemon juice, and served with vegetables. Salmon may well be used. This recipe is a healthful winner.

5.- tuna nicoise is a colorful, savory, and healthful entrée originated in the city of Nice on the Côte d'Azur. Their recipe calls for several vegetables which are gently steamed to preserve nutrients.

6.- roulades de poisson aux épinards is baked fish. It lends itself to an elegant presentation because the fish is rolled before baking. Spinach plays important role and makes the recipe even healthier.

• French Cooking Practices •

» Meals are cooked shortly before meal-time, and eaten soon after cooking.

» Ingredients used are as fresh as possible, and they are minimally processed.

» Vegetables are not boiled in water but steamed to avoid destroying nutrients. A common practice is to use Beef Broth to steam vegetables instead of water.

• French Habits •

» They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a meal between lunch and dinner if desired.

» They do not start eating until the person that cooked the meal ~or served it~ is sitting at the table.

» They sit at a table to have a meal with a swallow of wine enjoying life in a quite, relaxing moment in company of good people. Rushing such a moment is inconceivable.

» Lunch and Dinner consist of five or six bites. Often, Lunch and Dinner are both followed by cheese and crunchy bread accompanied by a matching-to-the-cheese wine.

» They do not go to sleep at night with a full stomach.

» It is not small the number of French people who dedicate one day a month to eat only apples.

• French Lifestyle •

» Most every day, they eat raw nuts and/or fiber-rich snacks.

» They spread Extra Virgin Olive Oil on their crunchy bread [usually baguettes] and sprinkle herbs which they themselves grow and dry in appropriate conditions.

» They use Light Olive Oil [the less costly] with foods to be lightly fried in it. Butter, margarine, or fat are NEVER used for frying. The most commonly used oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

» They eat sauces and other foods such as their delicious croissants and pastries which may be regarded as fattening, but they do so in moderation taking time to savor superb taste and flavors.

» They may drink a glass of water during a meal, but 6 to 8 ounces of red wine to enhance the taste of a flavorful meal ~other than breakfast~ vastly remains their preference.

• What Not To Do •

» French people neither run nor exercise obsessively. It is known to them that those activities wear out joints and fill their bodies with Free Radicals known to accelerate an Aging Process.

» French people do not often eat red meat except northern regions.

» French people do not drink wine by itself on an empty stomach.

» French people do not often drink sodas, or do not drink them at all.

» French people do not often eat fast food; heavily processed food or meats; deep-fried food; or do not eat such foods at all.

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