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Why French Women Are Not Fat

By George Josserme

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An article to make a reader aware that French women are not fat because they eat right, cook healthy recipes, use sensible cooking practices throughout life.

In a fewer words, French women are not fat and look gorgeous simply because they deserve it.

One of French women's secrets is that they do not eat foods that come wrapped
up in plastic.

-- Chef Todd Mohr
French Trained Chef
- 2010

STILL IN TODAY'S XXI CENTURY, many people around the world wonder why is it that French women are not fat and look gorgeous displaying their desirable, attractive, and feminine bodies. It all gets started teaching girls a secret before they become women: eat meals of the day in small portions and eat them with pleasure. Once the secret sinks in ~and girls become young women~ they are taught something else: cook good recipes and use seasonal ingredients.

Cooking well-proven recipes using fresh and seasonal foods create the taste and aroma that make French women and men do something vital to their long-term health: they take time to eat a meal. When one eats meals savoring each bite, it results in feeling satisfied before one wants to eat more food. (!)

Is all of that why French women are not fat ? - No, that's the beginning.

» French women ~and men~ eat with their eyes; and that means that presentation of food is of supreme importance. It leads to not slap some food on a dish. On the contrary, it is a reasons why French are serious about cooking rather than superficial.

» They cook meals using health-enhancing cooking practices in well-thought-out recipes in meals they prepare with "seasonal and locally grown" foods. The science of Human Nutrition regards those foods as much more nutritious than canned vegetables. (!)

» They drink six ounces, or so, of red wine with most meals [except breakfast]. They do not drink wine on an empty stomach.

» For French women ~and men~ each meal is special moment in such serene and pleasant environment in which they take time to savor five or six bites of one meal. They moderately converse in company of people they feel good to be with. Although scientists can not fully decipher why, they recognize the evidences that demonstrate that not rushing eating and a peaceful environment affect how our body favorably assimilates food's nutrients.

» They do not skip the three or four meals of each day. To XXI century science, it is known that eating up to four smaller meals a day is more beneficial that two large meals.

» It is not small the number of French women ~and men as well as kids~ who dedicate one day each month to eat only apples.

» Many of them develop the habit of eating vegetables, a handful of nuts, or cereals rich in fiber as a snack during the day. Fiber makes them feel like not eating much next meal, and it has all the benefits of fiber. Read the article 'Benefits Of Fiber - Are They Real' to see why French women do not neglect eating fiber.

» They do not conceive certain foods forbidden ~such as delicious pastries, creamy sauces, and cheeses~ as long as they are consumed in moderation.

» Deep-frying is out as well as boiling vegetables in water. French women steam !

» They do not sign up a contract with a gym nor they fanatically run wearing out their joints prematurally. Their lifestyle is active every day just as nature intended.

What you just read opposes eating overly-processed food; eating food that lacks nutrients; eating large meals; eating in a rush; eating in a noisy environment; eating during verbal or phone conversations; eating not sitting at a table; drinking too often wrong drinks; driving around in a parking-lot to find a spot close to an entry door; ignoring being naturally-active to give precedence to running like a maniac prematurely wearing out joints.

The knowledge you acquired ~and the one you may gain if you go to the article below~ will let you construe that French women are not fat and look gorgeous displaying their desirable and attractive feminine bodies not because of a diet printed on a book.

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what you just read was not intended to be complete.
it should suffice to let you decipher on your own that
their meals are neither printed with a list of ingredients
nor foods they put on their table come wrapped in plastic.

connoisseurship and discernment is also persistently
present along with health-enhancing practices since
well before french women become women.

About Author Mr. George Josserme

This man's French origins allows him to know exactly why French women are not fat, and they remain slender and attractive. The how-to is disclosed in the related article below.

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