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Why French Women Are Not Fat

By George Josserme

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An article to make a reader aware that French women are not fat because of what they do day after day, year after year, through-out
their lives.

Yes, they deserve it!

"One of French women's secrets is that they do not eat any food that comes wrapped up
in plastic."

-- Chef Todd Mohr

French-Trained Chef


STILL IN THE XXI CENTURY, people around the world wonder why is it that French women are not fat and look gorgeous displaying their desirable, attractive, feminine bodies. It all gets started telling girls a secret before they become women: "eat meals in small portions and eat with pleasure." After girls become women, they are told another secret: "cook meals exactly as the recipes tells you without changing the recipe."

Is that all that French women do not to be fat? No! That's the beginning!

Firstly.- French cook using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Secondly.- Since the Renaissance, French people perfected the combination of ingredients, quantity of each, and how to cook them. Therefore, they do not have 'recipies' but 'formulas.' If repeated exactly as prescribed, their meals always come out heavenly delicious. It means that a consummate cook is not needed to create delightful meals. All we do is follow a 'formula.'

» French women's meals consist of five or six bites. They eat in a serene and pleasant environment, they take time to savor each bite, and they moderately converse with others sitting at the table. The science of Human Nutrition cannot decipher why, but evidences confirm that not rushing through a meal, a peaceful environment, and limiting talking significantly makes the body assimilate nutrients as intended.

» Presentation of food is of supreme importance. French women are serious about their meals looking good on a dish to delight everyone's eyes. They do not slap food on a plate and... "Here you are, eat it."

» They systematically use health-enhancing cooking practices such as 'Steaming Vegetables.' They also steam fish if the 'formula' calls for it. Frying or boiling vegetables in water is a... No! No! A French woman steams vegetables with Beef Broth.

» They drink 6 to 8 ounces of red wine with a meal except breakfast. Often, the meal is followed by slices of baguettes, cheese, and white wine.

» They do not skip meals. To the science of Human Nutrition, it is known that eating three or four smaller meals a day is more beneficial that two large meals. Somehow, French women know about it.

» It is not small the number of French women ~as well as men and kids~ that dedicate one day a month to eat only apples. Some of them may add a handful of nuts during that day.

» Most of their meals contain a good amount of Fiber, and that is of a great importance. Read the article 'Benefits Of Fiber - Are They Real?' The French 'formulas' are likely to be rich in fiber.

» They do not conceive certain foods forbidden ~such as pastries, creamy sauces, and cheeses~ as long as they are consumed in moderation.

» They neither go to a gym nor they run wearing out their joints. French women know about Free Radicals accelerating the aging process. Wisely, they have an active lifestyle; but they neither run nor exercise.

What you just read opposes eating processed foods that come wrapped up in plastic; eating food lacking nutrients; eating large meals; eating in a rush; eating in a noisy environment; eating having conversations; eating not sitting at a table; running outdoors or at the gym wearing out joints and filling a human body with Free Radicals which scientists insist that they accelerate the aging process.

The knowledge you just gained ~and the one you may gain if you read Recommended Reading below~ lets you construe further why French women are not fat. Yes, they look gorgeous displaying desirable and attractive feminine bodies; but not because of a diet printed on a book.

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