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Easy Healthy Food With Paris Cuisine

By Chef Todd Mohr

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SINCE ONE OF MY LAST TOURS IN PARIS, I realized that eating healthy meals is much easier than I imagined with Paris cuisine. I am noticing that everything I have eaten tastes amazingly good, fresh, and flavorful without being overly filling.

For someone who has studied food as art, that Paris tour brought up more questions than answers. What is it that makes eating healthy food in Paris so easy?

Can this have anything to do with the size of the stores? I have not seen one convenience store during this Paris tour, and there is not even one mega-grocery stores. Each store has one singular purpose, and its owner is an expert at that one thing. Whether it is baking bread, butchering meats, making pastries, or squeezing fresh orange juice from their store-front machine, the small-shop owners take great pride in the single thing they excel at.

paris cuisine vs u.s. cuisine

The greatest difference I have seen between Paris Cuisine and any cuisine in the United States is the great respect that Parisians show for food. To continue my search of why the food in Paris is so good, I jumped on the Metro and headed for the world-famous Rue Cler Market. Along the way, there was one short sight-seeing stop at the Arc de Triomphe and a walk down the Champs Èlysèes.

During the continuation of my Paris tour. I ended up in yet another example: the Rue Cler Market, and again, I could verify why eating healthy food is so much easier here.

paris market

Their fish market is clean, fresh, no flies, and no fishy smell. The 'Fromagerie' specializes in cheese, they sell nothing but cheese, and they are experts. All these businesses are family owned, and take great pride in what they have been doing for generations.

There are no large quantity of food displayed in this market. There is fresh, in season, and highly fragrant food to cook great meals with. All the markets in Paris show great deference for ingredients. This, combined with simple cooking techniques yields the best meals.

paris simplicity

Why is their cuisine so flavorful, and what makes eating healthy food so easy to do? Is it because of the greatest chefs? The most complicated recipes? No, my tour is causing me to suspect that it is much simpler. It is just a matter of cooking like Parisiennes do.

About Author Chef Todd Mohr

Chef Todd Mohr is a classically trained chef with a philosophy: "burn recipes and learn to cook like French do." His secret is revealed in his online cooking classes.

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