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A Fine Table - French Cutlery

By George Josserme

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SOME PEOPLE TAKE REAL PRIDE setting a table with their finest utensils to serve meals. To them, pride and enjoyment becomes a way of life. They do not do it seldomly or for a special occasion. They use them every day.

A way to tastefully set a table is with French cutlery. Traditionally, since the bygone days of Robin Hood, Europeans excelled forging steel blades. Knowledge and experience with blades for the battlefield was passed on to utensils they use on their every day table. French could not be an exception to centuries-old European traditions.

There are several French artisans working in the manufacturing establishments that forge a magnificent cutlery. This article elaborates on two of the best. One makes sets of knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils used 'after' a meal is served. The other manufacturer is dedicated to top-notch knives of exquisite quality for preparing food 'before' it is served. Again, these are not the only manufacturers that employ French artisans.

the manufacturers are laguiole and sabatier

Are sets and individual pieces costly? Yes, they are; but they last more than a lifetime when passed on to the next generation. Decisively, these pieces are a worthy investment.

An entire family ~or a couple, or a single person, or the Chef of the family~ will enjoy the best that French artisans, their traditions, their steel, their woods, and their pains-taking attention to details have to offer. This is the kind of French flatware or cutlery that gains value as time goes by.

Laguiole makes some exquisite sets that truly dress up the table every day. The details, the balance, the weight, the woods used, and handling each piece spells top-notch quality in every detail. One can tell the message they send when people hold one in their hand and keep on looking at it for a while. It is because they are holding a unique piece. Unless they are French, they are not used to it. It is likely that a conversation arises out of these pieces that make a table look elegant, refined, and graceful.

The other brand is Sabatier. They make the knives for chefs and gourmets from around the world. Their quality is so exceptional that a reputable American School of Cooking chose to exclusively use their knives. Recognized experts who pass their knowledge and expertise on to new generations of cooks and gourmets must know why they will not use anything else.

If one has a family get-together at the park ~or a picnic with a sweet-heart~ French Artisans have knives for such activities. Opinel knives are so well thought-out that in 1985 they were recognized ~along with Porsche 911 and Rolex watches~ as one of "100 of the best designed objects in the world" at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In the XXI century, Opinel sells one of their well-regarded knives every 10 seconds throughout the world.

You now know about finesse on your table, in the kitchen, and in the park.

About Author Mr. George Josserme

To see a real collection of French Knives, go to Laguiole. The school using Sabatier is 'Bon Vivant School of Cooking,' and this link takes you to 'Opinel in North America.'

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