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Touch Of France In Your Home

By George Josserme

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• article synopsis •

This article should suffice
to give you a solid idea on how much you may achieve without investing a fortune.

"France has three things towards which we drift as we grow older: intelligence, manners, taste."

-- Scott Fitzgerald

Novelist and Short
Story Writer.

American • 1896 - 1940

WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT DECORATING in French Style? It is that tasteful and warm, elegant and refined, sophisticated and charming ambience in rooms decorated in French traditions. In addition, it has the closeness to nature and country lifestyle mixed in. When you have a touch of France in your home, you send everyone to the land of Louis Pasteur, Renoir, and Voltaire.

• let's get started in the kitchen •

A French country kitchen has many pastel colors. French folks would tell you to also use Bordeaux as well as saturated yellows to create contrast. That ambience is enhanced with wooden pieces, baskets, hand-painted ceramics, sturdy earthenware or stoneware, antique copper, or metal pieces. Any of them are present in a French kitchen; and they are not to decorate only, but to be used. A wrought iron pot rack hanging over a range is certain way to bring a touch of France in your home.

The magnetism of French furniture may be seen in the table and the Kitchen Armoire. A table for four or six persons may be planks of rustic wood. The stand-alone Kitchen Armoire is where French folks keep flatware, silverware, and linen. It is located right next to their table, and they would sing songs telling you how useful it is. You may display spices, vinegars, and bottles of cooking wines and oils which fill the eye.

• let's continue with the bedroom •

Wrought iron or metal items on walls go well to accentuate masculinity of a romantic French Lover. If you ladies find one of them, he would make such splendid touch of France in your home. A screen placed close to a corner softens the edges, and it creates a seductive and alluring place to undress behind it. After all, heart-warming romance is a vital part of any French bedroom.

• let's not ignore wall art •

Artistic pieces on the wall can be more than paintings. I have seen tapestry in which wrought iron pieces were part of the frame. Tapestry adds such a candid feel! Needless to say, you do not want to disregard enchanting and fascinating posters displaying French scenes or the work of well-known artists.

• one last suggestion •

Although you may not want to do floor covering, you make such a warming and welcoming statement using French parquet in your home. Use it to accentuate a Magazine Rack, or the Kitchen Armoire. French parquet is heart-warming touch of France in your home!

What you just read in this article was not meant to be complete. It should suffice to give you a solid idea on how much you may achieve without investing a fortune; but still be able to walk every day in the land of Louis Pasteur, Voltaire, and Renoir making a fine statement bringing a touch of france in your home.

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