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Benefits of MSM - A Mastermind Creation

By George Josserme

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Although it sounds harsh, many people deserve to be struck by an illness. Why ? They all spend decades of their lives asking for it.

Well... if they ask for it,
then, they deserve it.

This article about benefits of MSM ~and all others in this HEALTH area~ were written for folks who want
to live a lengthy life in health.

The list of MSM benefits is so phenomenal that
it may be ridiculous to attempt to enunciating it.

Excerpt from the book Prescription For
Nutritional Healing

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane • MSM is not a drug • MSM is food

OUR BODY UTILIZES MSM DAILY, but neither our bodies ~nor those of our pets~ can store it; and so, MSM must be replenished often. There must be good reason why the mastermind behind nature created MSM, and gave us its benefits.

pay attention to what comes next

MSM is part of Collagen Synthesis; and vital for bones, skin-cells, and ligaments where MSM knits them together ~so to speak~ and gives them flexibility. It is not surprising that MSM is regarded as a real pain reliever and as a means to meaningfully reduce the swelling and inflammation of joints and connective tissues. It is one of many reasons why MSM has been successfully used to treat horses' muscle pain after a race.

Researchers at the 'American Institute Biosocial And Medical Research' discovered that MSM exposes low toxicity, and it is well tolerated even at high doses. Risks of side effects from pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol ~and several brands~ are all defeated with MSM. It does not have the strength of those pain relievers; moderate pain and discomforts in our knees, elbows, hips ~and other areas elsewhere in our bodies it is suspected~ do not stand any chance; and we can use MSM every day.

MSM is a vital component of insulin which is the protein-hormone secreted by the Pancreas. The lack of MSM in the diet leads to low insulin production. However, a diet with adequate amount of MSM will likely increase the body's ability to produce insulin for itself to the point where insulin injections may not be necessary; or may be reduced.

continue paying attention. this is phenomenal !

Allergies are a reaction to an invasive compound. Our bodies responds sneezing, wheezing, swollen eyes, etc. However, when MSM is flowing in healthful quantities ~and does so for extended periods of time~ the cells become permeable. Permeability permits water to flow, and hence, to wash an invasive compound away. When MSM is NOT present in a desirable quantity, walls of cells become stiff; and that hinders a flow of water needed to prevent foreign compounds ~and the allergies they create~ from being readily carried away.

Since MSM promotes flexible and permeable walls and compounds to be removed, common sense dictates that symptoms associated with allergies, respiratory congestion, and itching are significantly reduced or even eliminated. Another highly desirable benefit of MSM is that this marvel of nature facilitates nutrients flowing in cells through-out our bodies.

the book prescription for nutritional healing describes msm as follows:

msm disinfects the blood; helps the body to resist bacteria;
protects the protoplasm of the cells; aids in all necessary
reactions to oxidation; stimulates the secretion of bile;
protects against toxic substances, and because of its
ability to protect against the so harmful effects of
radiation and pollution, msm slows aging process.
it is found in all body tissues, and it is used for
the synthesis of collagen which is a principal
protein for the skin's health and look.

About Author Mr. George Josserme

This author is aware that people do not know the immense benefits of MSM, and that most products do not provide quality MSM. His research lead him to OptiMSM. It is made in the U.S.A. [rather than China] and it promises the highest quality. One reason why trustworthy laboratories like Schiff exclusively uses OptiMSM in their products.

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