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Benefits of MSM - A Mastermind Creation

By George Josserme

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Although it sounds harsh, most people deserve to be struck by an illness. Why? They spend decades of their lives asking for it.

Well... if they ask for it...

MSM is for those who seek to live a lengthy and healthy life.

"The list of MSM benefits is so phenomenal that
it may be ridiculous to attempt
to enunciate it."

Excerpt from the book 'Prescription For
Nutritional Healing'

THE FOOD WE EAT provides MSM, but food of low nutritious value has no meaningful quantity of MSM. Also, neither our bodies nor those of our pets can store MSM and use it later. Therefore, periodic MSM supplementation is a wise decision for us and our pets to enjoy its health benefits.

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, and this is an utterly short list of benefits:

» MSM is part of Collagen Synthesis. What that means is that ~literally speaking~ MSM knits together cells in joints, ligaments, connective tissues; and that is how those areas become stronger and flexible.

» MSM is a pain reliever. For decades, it was used to relieve horses' muscle pain after a race. It was so until scientists realized that MSM kills pains in humans as well, but without side effects expected of man-made pain relievers.

» MSM is a component of Insulin which is secreted by the Pancreas. Low level or lack of MSM leads to low Insulin production which is a barn door to Diabetes Type 2. However, when MSM circulates through the blood stream in good quantity, the Pancreas produces enough Insulin without overworking.

» Allergies are a reaction to invasive compounds. Our bodies respond sneezing, wheezing, swollen eyes. However, when MSM circulates through the blood stream in healthful quantity, cells' membrane become flexible. Then, two conditions of great importance take place. Firstly, water flows in and washes away invasive compounds. Secondly, nutrients from a healthy meal enter cells. When MSM is NOT present in a healthful quantity, cells' walls remain stiff hindering the flow of water and nutrients.

The book titled prescription for nutritional healing describes MSM as follows: "MSM disinfects the blood; helps tissues combat bacteria; protects protoplasm of cells; aids to prevent cell oxidation; stimulates secretion of bile; protects against toxic substances; slows the Aging Process by shielding us from harmful effects of radiation and pollution."

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