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Benefits of MSM - A Mastermind Creation

By George Josserme

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Although it sounds harsh, many people deserve to be struck by an illness. Why? They spend decades of their lives asking for it.

Well... if they ask for it...

This article about benefits of MSM is intended for those who seek to live a lengthy and healthy life.

"The list of MSM benefits is so phenomenal that
it may be ridiculous to attempt to enunciate it."

Excerpt from the book 'Prescription For
Nutritional Healing'

OUR BODY UTILIZES MSM DAILY, but neither our bodies nor those of our pets can store it; and so, MSM must be replenished. There must be a reason why the Mastermind behind Mother Nature created a nutrient called MSM. It must be for us and our pets to enjoy abundant health benefits.

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

» MSM is part of Collagen Synthesis. It is vital for ligaments where MSM knits them together ~so to say~ and connective tissues become stronger and flexible. The skin will be very thankful as well.

» MSM is a pain reliever. For decades, MSM has been used to relieve horses' muscle pain after a race.

» MSM is a component of Insulin which is secreted by the Pancreas. Low level or lack of MSM in the diet leads to low Insulin production; but a diet with adequate amounts of MSM facilitates Pancreas's ability to produce enough Insulin without overworking.

» Allergies are a reaction to invasive compounds. Our bodies respond sneezing, wheezing, swollen eyes. However, when MSM is available in the blood stream in healthful quantities, all cells' membrane become permeable. Then, two conditions of utter importance take place. Firstly, water flows in and washes away invasive compounds. Secondly, nutrients from a healthy meal ~or a supplement~ enter cells. When MSM is NOT present in healthful quantities, cells' walls become stiff hindering the flow of water and nutrients.

The book titled prescription for nutritional healing describes MSM as follows: "MSM disinfects the blood; helps all tissues combat bacteria; protects the protoplasm of cells; aids in reactions to oxidation; stimulates secretion of bile; protects against toxic substances; and because of its ability to protect against harmful effects of radiation and pollution, MSM slows the Aging Process."

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