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Benefits of Fiber - Are They Real?

By George Josserme

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Although it sounds harsh, most people deserve to be struck by an illness. Why ? They all spend decades of their lives asking for it.

Well... if they ask for it.

This article about Benefits of Fiber ~and all others in this HEALTH area~ were written for folks who want
to live longer and remain
in health.

Research shows that benefits of Fiber start in the gastro-intestinal tract significantly decreasing the absorption of Fat & Cholesterol.

Nutrition Committee
American Heart Association
by Linda Van Horn, PhD.

HOW MANY PEOPLE know about real benefits of fiber? Just a few. Most people ignore that scientists insist that we should consume one ounce and half [30 to 40 grams] EVERY DAY if at all possible. They insist because they know about all the benefits ! One of them is a proficient way to preventive health care. (!)

This article is intended to pass on to a reader known facts on another marvel created by the mastermind behind nature.

insoluble fiber - It is not digested. It does absorb water to become bulky. Then, it grows in size and advances through our intestines as if it were a rolling ball. Scientists construed that the ball of fiber moving forward well-promotes constant bowel movement which in turn scours intestines' inner walls preventing stool from sticking. Consequently, they all deduce that yet another benefit of Insoluble Fiber is to reduce Colon Cancer.

soluble fiber - The mastermind behind nature is truly wonderful. Assuming a reasonable quantity of this fiber is present in each of our meals, three splendid benefits of fiber are:

» Firstly, it forces sugars created during digestion to be released in the bloodstream slowly. The benefit is that our Pancreas will not work like a maniac producing Insulin to counter-act the spike of sugar.

» Secondly, Soluble Fiber makes our stomach to empty slowly, and that makes us feel full longer. The beneficial result of it is that we do not feel like eating again until much later.

» Thirdly, as Soluble Fiber advances through our intestines together with food we just ate, it picks up excessive amounts of Fat as well as Cholesterol. In addition, substances known as Carcinogens ~which promote Cancer Cells growth~ also are removed from our intestines and those of our pets. (!)

let's fully comprehend that...

The amount of Cholesterol, Carcinogens, and fat carried away is proportional to how much fiber is present in each meal. Common sense dictates that adding Flaxseeds to our meals ~which are rich in fiber~ that amount of Cholesterol, Carcinogens, and fat carried away is substantially greater.

It is worth repeating that wonderful benefits of fiber apply as long as we consume healthful quantities of it from foods containing significant amounts of fiber. They are legumes, beans, lentils, brown rice, whole grain bread, Flax Seeds, Oat Bran, and some of the cereals. When developing the habit of consuming them regularly is when we rip the benefits of fiber.

pay attention to this breakfast !

» Wheat Bran is food high in fiber. A splendid way to take in a good amount of fiber is with a cup of All-Bran served with Soy Milk or yoghurt. You then add slices of one banana, one kiwi, and a handful of raisins. Moreover, if you prepare a larger amount of all ingredients, you will save a small fortune ~and rip more benefits of fiber and nutrients~ if you eat the second portion for lunch. The days you have such a healthful intake of nutrients, you should have a sizeable dinner.

in addition to benefits of fiber
that you just read above...

* it improves metabolism *
* it eliminates constipation, and hence, it encourages colon health *
* it plays a meaningful roll in controlling diabetes type 2 *
* it lowers high blood pressure and risks of heart disease *

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Mr. Josserme delivers the goods making his readers aware of the life-changing benefits of foods with the potential to make their lives better, and to live longer in health.

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