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Benefits of Fiber - Are they Real?

By George Josserme

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• article synopsis •

Although it sounds harsh, most people deserve to be struck by an illness. Why? They spend decades of their lives asking for it.

Well... if they ask for it.

This article is about Benefits of Fiber. It is aimed at those who want to live longer and in health.

"Research manifests benefits of fiber start in the gastro-intestinal tract significantly decreasing the absorption of fat and cholesterol."

• Nutrition Committee •
American Heart Association

HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW benefits of fiber? Only a few. It is because ~when they are young~ they assume that they will be healthy forever. When they get older, they lost a habit: to learn. It all results in disregarding scientists who insist that fiber is proficient preventive health care and that we should consume one to one and an half ounces of fiber ~if possible~ every day.

insoluble fiber - It is not digested. It absorbs water. It becomes bulky. It grows in size. It rolls through our intestines like a ball picking up fat, cholesterol, carcinogens, and chemicals from unhealthy foods. It pushes faces and force them out of the intestines. It dislodges feces that stick to the inside walls of the intestines preventing cancer cells to stick to those walls.

soluble fiber - Two of the most valuable jobs of this fiber are as follows:

» It makes digested food to be released slowly. Such action prevents the Pancreas to labor like a maniac producing 'Insulin' to avoid a spike of sugar in the blood stream. When our Pancreas is not overworked, its lifespan increases. The development of Diabetes Type 2 is meaningfully reduced.

» When our meals have enough Soluble Fiber, our stomach digests food slowly. Therefore, we do not feel to eat again until much later. That is how we realistically loose wait.

In addition, presence of fiber improves metabolism, eliminates constipation, lowers high blood pressure. The American Heart Association insists that fiber realistically reduces risks of heart disease.

• Let's Comprehend That... •

Benefits of fiber are proportional to how much of the recommended one ounce or more of fiber we ingest in the meals we consume everyday. These vegetables are loaded with nutrients in addition to fiber:

Artichokes - Kale - Spinach - Broccoli - Collard Greens - Carrots
Beets - Cauliflower - Sweet Potatoes - Brussels Sprouts

The following vegetables are not digested in the intestines. Instead, they are fermented by good bacteria in our intestines which is highly beneficial event! We do not have to eat them everyday, but often enough.

Cabbage - Peas - Eggplant - Asparagus - Garlic - Onions

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