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Benefits of Fiber - Are they Real?

By George Josserme

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• article synopsis •

Although it sounds harsh, most people deserve to be struck by an illness. Why? They all spend decades of their lives asking for it.

Well... if they ask for it.

This article is about Benefits of Fiber. It is aimed at those who want to live longer and in health.

"Research manifests benefits of fiber start in the gastro-intestinal tract significantly decreasing the absorption of fat and cholesterol."

• Nutrition Committee •
American Heart Association

HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW the benefits of fiber? Only a few. Most of them ignore scientists and disregard why they insist that we should consume about one ounce to one and half every day. Scientists know that fiber is proficient preventive health care, and this article intendes to pass on to a reader known facts on another marvel created by the Mastermind behind Mother Nature.

insoluble fiber - It is not digested. It absorbs water. It becomes bulky. Then, it grows in size and rolls through our intestines like a ball. As it moves forward, it picks up fat, cholesterol, carcinogens, chemicals and preservatives from unhealthy foods, it prevents stool from sticking to intestines' inner walls, cancer cells stick to that ball as well, and the list goes on and on.

soluble fiber - The Mastermind behind Mother Nature is wonderful! Assuming a reasonable quantity of Soluble Fiber is present in each meal, two more benefits of Soluble Fiber take place:

» Firstly, it forces sugars created during digestion to be released in the bloodstream slowly. Therefore, our Pancreas will not labor like a maniac producing enough Insulin to counter-act the amount of sugar created during digestion. Should the Pancreas be able to sensibly reduce sugar, we do not gain weight, and when we do not, development of Diabetes Type 2 is meaningfully reduced.

» Secondly, with enough Soluble Fiber, our stomach digests food slowly. Therefore, we do not feel to eat again until much later. That is a way to realistically loose wait.

In addition, the presence of both fibers improves metabolism, eliminates constipation, lowers high blood pressure and risks of heart disease, the American Heart Association insists on.

• Let's Comprehend That... •

Intensity of benefits of fiber described above is proportional to how much of both fibers are present in a meal. Therefore, developing the habit of consuming regularly and over extended periods of time legumes, beans, lentils, brown rice, whole grains, Oat Bran ~just to mention some foods rich in fiber~ is how we rip the benefits of fiber.

The Mastermind behind Mother Nature knows about fiber,
and that is why He provided us ~and our pets~ with it.

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