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Wall Street experts attest that "Financing homes for sale by owner facilitates the sale," but they do not say that 'Urgency' closes it.

Bring up your chair.
You be the judge.

The market responds if
the seller's mind
is open.

Excerpt from Wall Street Journal on financing of homes by the owner.

Homes For Sale By Owner Attract Buyers Like Bees To Honey

Homes sold conventionally benefit Realtors.
Homes For Sale By Owner benefits the owner.

fill your hands with money

Banks' loan applications are fault-finding. It forcefully pushes perfectly good buyers out of a market. Sellers financing homes for sale by owner are better sellers acting on their behalf.

They are also aware that Realtors do not invest efforts in one home. Their business is to sell the largest number of properties possible regardless of whose property gets sold. Realtors' business is to sell any property. Your business is to sell one. It is evident that your intent and that of any Realtor are opposing.

Selling in dependency with Realtors and banks is possible, but selling with them in a short time without lowering the property's price is not. Selling conventionally used to work in by-gone days when competition was not fierce and banks were friendly. Today, the financing of homes for sale by owner is the only strategy that brings buyers like bees to honey.

'Fill Your Hands With Money' is an e-book that tells the wiser seller how XXI century tools and strategies allocate what those owners who sit, wait, and sweat selling their properties conventionally cannot have. Those sellers refuse to recognize that URGENCY closes the sale. In detail, this author uncovers how sellers of billions of dollars worth of properties did snap out of selling fruitlessly.

» How to use the strategies that attract two kinds of buyers: those who qualify
   for bank loans as well as those who are not good for banks, but their credit is
   still good for financing. Two kinds of buyers pull in more of them.

» How to find two different professionals to be on your side. One of them takes
   care of all legalities of the transaction and has low fees. The other pro has no
   fee, but he offers the options to cash-in after the sale.

How to tailor sale of homes for sale by the owner

click below •• An insider revealing how to sell and
to cash-in after you sell. It is the wisest way when
the owner offers financing of his homes for sale.

"Few things in life are
more frightening than
ignorance in action

- Johann von Goethe

German writer,
dramatist, poet.
1749 - 1832
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Financing homes for sale by owner precipitates selling - Tell A Friend
Financing homes for sale by owner is to benefit the owner and not a Realtor - CLICK TO ORDERSelling conventionally is about sitting, waiting, and sweating. Sellers who finance their homes for sale by owner do not.