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When one of the divorcees learns how to write pre divorce agreements, the judge cannot decide for
the divorcees any longer.

Bring up your chair,
and you be the judge.

It is possible
to gain security provided that knowledge is
gained in advance.

How To Write Pre Divorce Agreements - Post Divorce Security

Learning to write pre divorce agreements is
how a divorcee achieves financial security

fill your hands with money

Assets & States of Mind create an explosive cocktail leading to controversies. Adults who divorce each other learn how to write pre divorce agreements to avoid such nasty cocktail. In the XXI century, a well-developed industry helps divorcees to become civilized as long as one of the two learns how to write pre divorce agreements.

As properties and assets come to the bargaining table, rough situation to deal with is decide who keeps what. It is not easy for everyone to be happy. It is possible, however, to reach a reasonable agreement before a judge aggravates everyone.

Litigating the case in court involves high costs of presenting the case. Dealing with a judge resembles gambling because the judge's decision is from one party who goes 'By The Law.' Almost always, it results in one of the divorcees to be un happy and likely develops anger. It is why knowledge and financial security remain inseparably connected when a divorcee learns how to write pre divorce agreements.

It shows wisdom when divorcees decide to take decisions for themselves rather than a third parties whose job is not to care who is happy and who is aggravated. Sitting at the table to calmly discuss how assets will be divided is how it is done by civilized people.

Learning how to write pre divorce agreements is not difficult at all. It is because, mostly, is common sense. Once the draft is written, one attorney for each side reviews it. Their case then goes to court, but it is much less costly because two adults decided for themselves and accepted what they want. The judge has nothing to decide.

'Fill Your Hands With Money' is an e-book unveiling must-have secrets to correctly write pre divorce agreements.

Viaticals - Structured Settlements - Write Pre Divorce Agreements

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and wisdom to acquire monetary security as long as one
divorcee learns how to write pre divorce agreements.

Wealth is not
his that has it.
Wealth is his
that enjoys it.

- Benjamin Franklin

American diplomat,
inventor - 1706 - 1790
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