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Visiting Paris - Ile De Saint Louis

By George Josserme

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WHEN VISITING PARIS, folks overlook 24-carat Parisienne place mandatory to visit: Ile de Saint Louis. She is just like one romantic French village frozen in the 17th. century that was placed by hand in the pumping heart of Paris. Admittedly, Ile de Saint Louis is not a place for everyone; but you will reverence this place if...

» You adore the feeling of a small town.

» You are capable to perceive beauty in a historic environment.

» You want to savor fine meals at sidewalk cafes in a romantic place.

» You want to integrate, to live, and to experience the same life locals live.

performers at pont saint louis. Bridge connecting Ile de Saint Louis with Ile de la Cité. A location that offers street performers who are artists in their own right entertaining you in ways you have never been. As you marvel, you nibble on another Paris tradition: Berthillon. It is a top-notch ice cream in a myriad flavors. Many places sell Berthillon Ice Cream; but if authenticity is in your agenda, go to 31, Rue St Louis-en-Ile.

french food. Considering Ile de Saint Louis is small island, there is such large number of restaurants. Several are concentrated near the bridge Pont Saint Louis above. I have eaten more than once in all of them, and I have one word of caution. Although they serve quality food, their prices are not costly, but expensive. The good news is that there are few places where you savor fabulous food without breaking your budget. Find a local guy ~or two~ to tell you where to find good food for a reasonable price in Ile de Saint Louis.

la cave du franc pinot. Charming place featuring jazz players quite often. It is found in a building from the 17th. century. Pleasantly, it is almost never overflowing with tourists. I do emphatically recommend to NOT show up with paraphernalia tourists carry, AND do not be loud. Parisiennes consider loudness distasteful, and disrespectful to others. It is so common that Americans trash their reputation ~and that of others~ by being loud.

laissez-faire. It is an expression that refers to opposition to governmental interference in economic matters beyond a minimum necessary. French people adopted the financial term to represent a 'Let people do as they choose' [ long as they do not disturb others, I may add]. Ile de Saint Louis is where to see it in action.

rivière seine. One of Paris' attractions is the river surrounding the island. You cannot claim that you have visited Paris unless you have spent time in close contact with a river that could whisper to your ears so much fascinating French history.

...and within a short distance from Ile de Saint Louis.

centre georges pompidou. It is a modern Art Museum. It has unique architecture, and expanses of the outdoor structures are fascinating. There is no need to spend a fortune if you get past the entrance. You will find modern art, a gift shop worth visiting, a large Book Store with nearly all titles on fine art, and a free ground-floor exhibit.

cathédral de notre dame. This is an impressive place where the world-known movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" comes from. If your physical condition allows, walk up to top of the spiral stairs where you will hold your breath contemplating a stunning view of Paris. As you marvel at a striking 'Hunchback of Notre Dame Bell' and famous 'Gargoyles of Notre Dame,' you feel that you have been transported centuries back in time.

eiffel tower is a healthy walk 3 miles away or so, but you may well use transportation. I will let you discover why this is a must-visit place. A mile and a half from Eiffel Tower there is another French people's pride: arc de triomphe. It is the second largest triumphal arch commissioned by Napoleon in 1806. Then, a short walk and your eyes will get filled with the splendor of the chic, elegant, and stylish avenue des champs élysées.

Even if you visit Paris for just a few days, you are presented with unforgettable experiences and fascinating memories to bring back home embedded in your heart and mind without going broke because all these wonderful places are close to each other. Your pictures will have everyone enchanted seeing them and fascinated hearing your stories.

Remember... when visiting Paris, the wisest
starting point is at Ile de Saint Louis.

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