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Are French People Rude ?

By George Josserme

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SOME AMERICANS SUCCESSFULLY SPREAD that French people are rude. It is likely that ~when they were raised~ those Americans were deprived of a set of human qualities and values needed to live life with finesse. One day, they visited France, and that was the day when they confront reality.

What you just read means that if one visits France, one must first be kind, respectful, and considerate BEFORE expecting kindness, respect, and consideration.

Unlike Mexicans living in the U.S. [unable to tell that they are in someone else's country, and to act accordingly] you must act accordingly by becoming aware that you are in French people's country. You are expected to denote finesse and consideration by NOT approaching them speaking in English. Like Mexicans who live in the U.S., if you are unable to tell why it is so, you will confront reality. As expected, you will not confess yours; and so, you become another American who propagates that French people are rude.

On the other hand...

Can you show that you have been raised by fine folks; that they raised you to become one fine man; that high human qualities, values, and principles were passed on to you; that you feel embedded your obligation to be kind, respectful, and considerate to others everywhere you go; and that you have the dendrites to learn ?

Then, a centuries-old culture; exquisite entertainment and shows; heavenly meals and fine wines; interacting with refined people; fine art; and experiencing what is perceived as the handwriting of the mastermind behind nature are each well-suited to go hand-in-hand with you as you become enriched, enlightened, and cultivated.

An encounter to not find French people rude.

You politely approach a French person and offer one simple salutation such as Bonjour. You may want to be more elaborated by saying Bonjour Monsieur or Bonjour Madame. If you do not know the marital status of a woman, you treat her as Mademoiselle. Other sentences are Thank You for which you say Merci ~or Merci Beaucoup preferably~ and Good Bye for which you say Au Revoir.

Another encounter for you to not find French people rude.

You approach a man ~and with a smile~ you politely say... "Bonjour monsieur. Je ne parle pas le français. Parlez vous l'anglais ?" Do not panic. I found you a way for you to learn to say it correctly, but you must say it even if you read it from a sheet of paper which would make it a charming act !

Possessing manners known to fine people make a mountain of difference when approaching French people. They'll notice that you are NOT one of the Americans they know or heard of because you approached them denoting consideration recognizing being in their country by NOT speaking to them in English, and you showed that you have a brain to learn.

Once in France, you will see that French People Are Rude was originated with the kind of Americans deprived of human qualities, principles, and all standards necessary to know why ~when they visit France or your home or mine~ they must provide kindness, respect, and consideration to others BEFORE expecting kindness, respect, and consideration.

If you possess intellect to correctly interpret all of the above,
and you possess manners known to finer people; then, have a
Bon Voyage to the land of Renoir and Voltaire !

About Author Mr. George Josserme

COPY the sentence you see below. Then, go to and PASTE it inside the box. Finally, CLICK ON the Speaker Icon to hear how to pronounce it correctly. Do the same with Merci Beaucoup and Au Revoir.

Bonjour Monsieur. Je ne parle pas le française. Parlez vous l'anglais?

One last thing for you to do... practice, practice, practice.

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