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Mediterranean Diet Rises To The Top

By George Josserme

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The first paragraph of this article sends a message
backed up by scientists, but huge percentage of world's population eat whatever they like.

"God gave us a healthy body.
It is up to us
to make it last healthy."

-- Voltaire

Enlightenment Writer -- Philosopher -- Pioneer
of Social Liberties

French • 1694 - 1778

RESEARCHERS LEARNED that people that live on the European coast of the Mediterranean Sea do have a low incidence of heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes when compared with most people elsewhere in the world. A study done at the University of Florence demonstrated that meals on the French Côte d'Azur has more health benefits than originally anticipated.

At that university, researchers carried out a study that lasted 18 years. They wanted to confirm if people offered the Mediterranean Diet would stay on it or if they would disregard it. 18 years later, the health of those who stayed on it and those who ignored it were assessed. Researchers confirmed that those who stayed with the French Mediterranean Diet had significantly reduced risks to serious illnesses such as ~but not limited to~ cancer, heart desease, Parkinson & Alzheimer Diseases, Type 2 Diabetes.

Recently, in the French regions of Bourdeaux and Dijon, one study carried out by Molecular Nutrition and Food Research involving 840 people older than 65 years without dementia has arrived to a conclusion: older people consuming the so-called French Mediterranean Diet are at a lower risk of cognitive decline.

The French Mediterranean Diet is known outside France, but it is unknown within France. French people eat meals loaded with nutrients from fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, garlic, nuts, olive oil, omega fatty acids from fish, 6 to 8 ounces of red wine with 'all their meals' except breakfast. All ingredients created by Mother Nature none of which come wrapped up in plastic.

It is not a 'diet.' It is an utterly wise way of life of more evolved people.

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