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Mediterranean Diet Rises To The Top

By Billy Baker

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RESEARCHERS LEARNED that people that live on the Mediterranean Sea ~and stick to the Mediterranean Diet~ have a lower incidence of heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes. A chronic disease study done at the University of Florence has shown that this diet has more health benefits than originally thought.

study from university of florence

Over a period of 18 years, researchers at the University of Florence carried out a study with 5 million people to determine how good is their adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and a diet they consume most often. All the study's findings were published by the British Medical Journal in September, 2008. The university's researchers concluded that consuming French Mediterranean Diet offers significant impact on reducing chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, and heart disease.

Results show 6% decrease in most cancers - 13% decrease in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's - 9% reduction in Cardiovascular Disease. The researchers arrived to a conclusion, and that is that the diet has been found relevant for public health simply because it encourages the prevention of major chronic diseases.

what is the mediterranean diet ?

What is known outside France as the French Mediterranean Diet actually is French people eating throughout their lives foods rich in the nutrients intended by Mother Nature. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, fish, nuts, Olive Oil, Flax Seeds are examples of what French people eat every day rather than occasionally. Their meals are neither based on excessive consumption of dairy products, fatty meals, nor red meat. In moderation, French people drink approximately 6 ounces of red wine every day with all their meals [except breakfast].


It is then noteworthy that there is a reduction in Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, many cancers, and Cardiovascular Disease when adhering to the French Mediterranean Diet. In the XXI century, such diet is also widely used world-wide for weight management due to its healthy number of qualities that ensure proper weight loss. It is also noteworthy that this French Mediterranean Diet is to be consumed regularly over extended periods of time. Consumers should not expect the intended results over-night. Mother Nature does not work over-night.

editor's note: french people are strongly convinced that being on a diet
is meaningless. they remain eating the foods and keeping healthy habits
they have implemented for centuries. you may wish to follow this link to
the article 'french mediterranean diet does not exist.'

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