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Knowledge About Medicinal Mushrooms

By George Josserme

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"Attention to health is life's greatest hindrance." -- Plato - 427-347 B.C.

Those wise enough to know what mushrooms with medicinal properties can do to their health confront one situation with several conditions which could hinder the intended benefits that they seek.

1.- Sellers' and Producers' web sites or printed materials present exceedingly long, mind boggling writing which includes terminology that only experts understand. It is irrational to expect a consumer to know the meaning of such terms; and should a consumer venture reading such writing, it is highly possible that he gets confused with unfamiliar matter and highly unlikely that he will remember much of it. When the consumer feels lost, confused, and cannot remember, the consumer cannot benefit.

2.- Many of the claims that Sellers and Producers promulgate that Medicinal Mushrooms do to the human body are exaggerated, they are thought to be true but not proven, they are fabricated and not true at all, others are anecdotal and meaningless.

All of the above is created by unscrupulous, unethical people in business with a dual intent: to exploit customers' ignorance and to mislead them. Fortunately, there are Sellers and Producers who are honest people and straight business owners unable or unwilling to take advantage of others' ignorance in the matter of Medicinal Mushrooms. I will disclose below two of those folks that I located so far; but before I do that, I will unveil something of pre-eminent importance to know so you can take informed decisions.

The first of only three keywords to keep well in mind is 'Polysaccharides.' They are active components in Medicinal Mushrooms that provide most of the good things to our health. For instance, Reishi, Turkey Tale, and Maitake possess high levels of Polysaccharides; but here comes what I discovered. Pay attention to what comes next.

* Components or ingredients found within Polysaccharides are Α-Glucans and Β-Glucans. The former have no health benefits to us humans, but the later have great health benefits.

* ‎Therefore, we should ignore the quantity or percentage of Polysaccharides that a Seller or Producer present us with and read the amount of Α-Glucans that their product claims to have.

* ‎Should the Seller or Producer not display the amount of Β-Glucans per each dose OR if the amount is displayed but there is no third party ~such as an independent laboratory~ that confirms and corroborates the amount of Β-Glucans per each dose, then, that product is not good enough.

* The following is an example of one Medicinal Mushroom from two imaginary brands:

Brand 1>> Polysaccharides 46% > Α-Glucans 44.1% > Β-Glucans 1.9% [44.1+1.9=46]

Brand 2>> Polysaccharides 37% > Α-Glucans 10.1% > Β-Glucans 26.9% [10.1+26.9=37]

Although Brand 2 has a lower quantity of Polysaccharides than Brand 1, it offers a healthful 26.9% of Β-Glucans as opposed to a meager 1.9% of Α-Glucans in Brand 1. Clearly, Brand 2 is superior product.

* One last example. I found one product on Amazon with 4.5 Stars and a good, affordable price, but Β-Glucans were not displayed on the label. Right away, I contacted the Seller to request information. The Seller responded that mushrooms that he sells have 7% to 9% of Β-Glucans. Affordable price, but too expensive considering a low count of Β-Glucans.

* ‎As I reached the end of my work ~scratching my head as I excavate, uproot weeds, Cut & Slice, and decipher the Medicinal Mushroom Puzzle~ I found two names that I have reasons to believe that you and I can benefit from their products. I will add more when and if I find them.

* ‎Here they are. To your health ! :: Mushroom Science :: Real Mushrooms ::

About Author Mr. George Josserme

This man's tenacity to dig deep is priceless. He does what virtually no one does. It is not less priceless that he vividly shares his findings for others to benefit as well.

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