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Men And Women Are Equal - Let's Ignore Nature

By George Josserme

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After some millenniums of existence, humans meant to reproduce our specie discovered errors made
by Mother Nature.

After being silent for many millenniums, they want to amend mistakes claiming equality to folks who are the core of the human specie.

This article ~and others in this area~ were written for the more perceptive reader likely to be broad-minded and see further than 'men and women are equal.'

Half a century ago, Simone de Beauvoir was not willing
to pretend and
to masquerade.

DURING THE LAST TWO DECADES OR SO OF THE XX CENTURY, western-hemisphere societies experienced an unheard of claim: Men And Women Are Equal. However, a critical factor was not taken into consideration to make such a claim.

» the word 'women' involves over three billion of them, but the percentage of those
   people claiming equality to men remains rather small

» a 'men and women are equal' claim remains not presented to women's logical-minded
   companions of life as a fact of life intended by nature which can be corroborated

» such an unsubstantiated and unverifiable claim is expected to be accepted by men and
   children 'just because we want them to.'

» after three decades, western women remain failing to ask "why is it that nature did
   not give men instincts to see us equal to them ?"

It is highly unlikely that the Mastermind behind nature made such mountain-like mistake creating two beings of the same specie with sex as the only difference but otherwise equal to each other who play the same roles in life. Such mistake would force them to compete against each other for sources of survival ~and in the process~ they have no other option but to give their kids away for someone else to raise them.

It is highly unlikely that such a concept is the intent of a Mastermind.

It is highly possible, however, that a Mastermind created one being as the core of the human specie. To reproduce, a companion was given to the one who is central nucleus of the specie to performs sex on her. To survive, their individual vital roles are combined. It is then reasonable to expect the human family to succeed and to thrive as intended.

Should evidences not be found convincingly demonstrating that men and women are equal, it is western women's mandatory responsibility to show trustworthiness by not picking which of men's roles they prefer to play. Should women show trustworthiness, they have inescapable obligation to be sensible and considerate with children and men ~who claim nothing~ and prevent both to remain paying consequences for an equality no one has ever verified, substantiated, or corroborated.

When it comes to men and women are equal, they must grasp that...

» nature's mastermind ~and not women~ decides roles they play in life.

» nature's mastermind's decisions cannot be changed, reverted, or undone.

» nature's mastermind did not make mistakes of any kind for women to correct.

» nature's mastermind's decisions are not negotiable.

» nature's mastermind's decisions are final.

one is not born a woman. one becomes a woman.
but not one woman ever became genuine if she
mimics and imitates men.

-- Simone de Beauvoir

1908 - 1986

The end of this view

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