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Men And Women Are Equal - Let's Envision Glory

By George Josserme

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After some millenniums of existence, humans meant to reproduce our specie discovered errors made
by Mother Nature.

After being silent for many millenniums, they want to amend mistakes claiming equality to folks who are the core of the human specie.

This article ~and others in this area~ were written for the more perceptive reader likely to be broad-minded and see further than 'men and women are equal.'

Half a century ago, Simone de Beauvoir was not willing
to pretend and
to masquerade.

AWELL KNOWN BOOK'S AUTHOR enunciates that a man was neither created out of a woman nor a man was given to her. On the contrary, the author goes on telling us, a woman was created out of a man. Then, she was given to him.

Since those early times of human existance, women remain becoming part of the human specie to fulfill their primary gender role and reason for being alive: Reproduction. In a manner appropriate to the wisdom of Mother Nature, they were given reproductive and sexual attributes as well as instincts to fervently desire a man; and to become mothers.

However, there is much more to it.

It is highly unlikely that the Mastermind behind Mother Nature created such full-fledged human to be only a reproductive being. His complexity likely created such being to play other roles. As expected of a Mastermind, the other roles must be decisively important, critical, and indispensable.

Assuming a woman has been raised to denote high human standards, moral values of esteemed qualities ~and she shows abundance in her heart~ she comes to a man as a most meaningful event in his life.

She arrives with an arsenal of qualities and human standards to fill gaps, to counteract his so many flaws, and to identify both. She has undeniable abilities to fill his heart with love. She will make him feel like climbing a tall mountain, walking to the moon, or swim accross an ocean for her love. She has the powers needed to dig good will out of his soul. She can make him ignore fears, make his mind perceive further, and encourage him to shoot for the stars on his way to achieve his dreams and fulfill his roles in life.

It is highly possible that this truly is the woman the Mastermind behind Mother Nature created first, and then, He gave her to a man. It is highly unlikely that such a creator's profound wisdom made the huge mistake of creating a woman to carry a man's child and to be a glorious, wonderful, complete, and needed companion ~and at the same time~ she will compete with and take away sources of survival from men who need them for themselves and for their families to survive.

It would be precious, priceless, and highly beneficial to men, children, and families ~as well as societies as a whole~ if western women could raise one notch or two of their intellect until ~on their own~ they construe that Mother Nature's Mastermind's decisions have reasons to exist; that they cannot be changed, reverted, or undone; that they are final; and that none are negotiable.

one is not born a woman. one becomes a woman.
but not one woman ever became genuine if she
mimics and imitates men.

-- Simone de Beauvoir

1908 - 1986

The end of this view

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