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Men And Women Are Equal - Dogs Of War

By George Josserme

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After some millenniums of existence, humans meant to reproduce our specie discovered errors made
by Mother Nature.

After being silent for many millenniums, they want to amend mistakes claiming equality to folks who are the core of the human specie.

This article ~and others in this area~ were written for the more perceptive reader likely to be broad-minded and see further than 'men and women are equal.'

Half a century ago, Simone de Beauvoir was not willing
to pretend and
to masquerade.

ACCORDING TO THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, nature denied women physiology equal to men. Abilities to develop muscles, strength, stamina, and tendency to attack or wisely do harm to others exist meaningfully only in a full grown man. Upper military officers consider those attributes mandatory for a warrior to perform as intended under exigent, pressing, and highly demanding conditions expected in battle.

According to the Science of Psychology, other not less critical factors must be taken into consideration by the military. One of them is the state of mind women are anticipated to develop when confronted with the tough and extreme conditions expected in wars.

By the end of the XX century, one unheard of claim emerged to the surface of western societies. According to women in those societies, men and women are equal. It was a matter of time for women to seek participation in wars based on their 'men and women are equal' claim. High ranking military officers resorted to a scientific knowledge base made available by the sciences of Medicine and Psychology to deliberate.

They arrived to a diverse of preoccupying conclusions. These are some:

» Should females be admitted, deploying them to fight in combats is likely to occur.

» Females will be trained on one-on-one fights with other females; but once in combat, it is highly unlikely that they will confront females. They will have to confront enemy men one-on-one.

» Females are expected to neither execute orders correctly nor take any decision wisely under mental stress resulting from fear of imminent death found in combat.

» It is possible for them to fall in enemy's hands [P.O.W.]. It is reasonable that enemy men force sex with feminine military personnel. Pregnancies in captivity are expected.

» It is highly unlikely that military hand weapons will ever be re-designed to take into a consideration the weaker and smaller hands of a feminine military G.I.

With the first handful of conclusions high ranking military
officers arrived to, it is reasonable to draw conclusions
from a civilian point of view.

» Will it be reasonable for western societies to force their own military to accept women deprived by nature of aptitudes, qualities, and features mandatory for warriors to have?

» Will it be possible that western high ranking military officers have in their hands well-substantiated reasons to dismiss women but left with no option but to accept them just to avoid women's legal actions against the military?

» Since females inescapably develop deep-rooted Maternal Instincts, will it be proper to ignore women's unadmitted intent to abuse, exploit, and manipulate military institutions to access thousands of potential husbands to satisfy their Maternal Instincts?

» Since it is highly unlikely that want-to-be-mothers join a military force with honesty in their hearts ~and genuine reasons in their minds~ will western societies look the other way to cover up wasteful misallocation of costly and vital military resources poured into a civilian reason such as Marriage & Motherhood ?

one is not born a woman. one becomes a woman.
but not one woman ever became genuine if she
mimics and imitates men.

-- Simone de Beauvoir

1908 - 1986

The end of this view

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