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Men And Women Are Equal - Let's Correct Mistakes

By George Josserme

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After some millenniums of existence, humans meant to reproduce our specie discovered errors made
by Mother Nature.

After being silent for many millenniums, they want to amend mistakes claiming equality to folks who are the core of the human specie.

This article ~and others in this area~ were written for the more perceptive reader likely to be broad-minded and see further than 'men and women are equal.'

Half a century ago, Simone de Beauvoir was not willing
to pretend and
to masquerade.

1920 - Michigan - U.S.A.

IN THOSE DAYS AND PLACE, a man found a need to design a very essential system. He visualized its features, he worked out details, and he included what is necessary for his system to work flawlessly. Moreover, he added a well thought-out set of rules. His system ~and all rules~ were meant and intended for everyone's behalf. They are still known today as Traffic Lights, and used world-wide. Nobody ever found necessary to correct, modify, or otherwise alter his lights and his rules.

However, what if with the passing of time...

» drivers may chose the traffic lights' rules to obey, and which ones to ignore.

» drivers decide if necessary to wait for traffic lights on red to turn green.

» drivers decide how many pedestrians may cross a street before they accelerate.

» drivers may park their vehicles in any place they see it is convenient to them.

» pedestrians may cross a street, road, or freeway anywhere it is suitable to them.

The mastermind behind nature designed and perfected His own set of rules for both men and women to follow, and to obey. Like Traffic Lights, His rules were created for a reason; and for everyone's benefits.

With the passing of time, western women decided to make His rules optional. Women continue to deny their obligation to obey. Women resolved to imitate and to mimic men playing men's roles in life. Western women remain window-shopping choosing which of men's roles they prefer to play in life. Western women still succeed at making men play women's game of 'Pretend and shut up.'

Moreover, western women capriciously and arbitrarily take corrective decisions based on a claim they themselves can neither verify nor corroborate: Men And Women Are Equal. Not even men can help them find a shred of evidence demonstrating that their claim is well-founded, and supported by Mother Nature.

A closer observation reveals women sending men a message: 'We are not happy being who we are.' Hence, this group of people expose to men unhappiness claiming what they themselves cannot substantiate: men and women are equal.

» is it possible that nature's mastermind made mistakes choosing women' roles ?

» is it valid for women to correct what they perceive as His mistake ?

» is it rational for women to choose men's roles they prefer to play in life ?

It would be highly beneficial if western women could discover who they were intended to be AND which roles were decided for them to play in life. It would be priceless if western people comprehend that men, children, and families pay consequences because of a claim no one can verify, validate, or substantiate: 'men and women are equal.'

one is not born a woman. one becomes a woman.
but not one woman ever became genuine if she
mimics and imitates men.

-- Simone de Beauvoir

1908 - 1986

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