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Men And Women Are Equal - Let's Compete

By George Josserme

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After some millenniums of existence, humans meant to reproduce our specie discovered errors made
by Mother Nature.

After being silent for many millenniums, they want to amend mistakes claiming equality to folks who are the core of the human specie.

This article ~and others in this area~ were written for the more perceptive reader likely to be broad-minded and see further than 'men and women are equal.'

Half a century ago, Simone de Beauvoir was not willing
to pretend and
to masquerade.

SINCE THE CREATION OF HUMAN EXISTENCE, Men And Women Are Equal was never claimed, recorded in history, or heard of. It appears that it is a newly discovered issue. The claim was presented to men since the last two decades ~or so~ of the XX century by a percentage of western women holding not a shred of evidence.

Since the humble beginnings of men on earth, men remain expected to provide for other people's subsistence. In the past decades, western men confronted the legal liability to provide for the subsistence of all females in their households. It includes daughters until another man becomes liable for the daughters' subsistence. In the case of wives, men must continue paying for their ways in life even after a divorce.

It takes little intellect to decipher that a man is morally obligated, socially mandated, and legally forced to be responsible for wives and daughters because they are women, and as such, they require someone to be responsible for them.

No records have ever been found in past and present societies, however, showing that women were imposed, obligated, or mandated to be responsible for anyone. Why not? It is because they are women. As a result of their nature-imposed position, they are expected to be neither legally, nor morally, or socially responsible for anyone's survival.

It takes shrewd intellect, however, to discern that nature's mastermind created men to be the core of the human specie. It is because of their nucleus and a central position that the mastermind gave them physical qualities, mental powers, capabilities, attributes, stamina, skills, and all the instincts to do a competent job competing for survival.

Men and women are equal just like cows and horses can swim.

Yes, they can. It is unlikely, however, that the mastermind behind nature wanted cows and horses to take source of survival away from fish by entering fish' territories such as rivers, lakes, or oceans. What He decisively intended was for cows and horses to swim and save their lives in case of an emergency or extreme weather conditions.

Otherwise, cows and horses must remain where they are intended to be at: on land.

For their own personal preferences, western females chose to ignore decisions of that mastermind by arbitrarily invading men's territories taking sources of survival away from men with mandatory and inescapable obligations to provide for other people's survival. Should overwhelming majority of western females remain haphazardly and brainlessly invading territories not meant for them, and insist on replicating and mimicking men...

» they are accountable for taking sources of survival away from those who remain morally obligated, socially mandated, and legally forced to provide for others.

» they are liable for coercing kids into pretending that mom's roles is to play dad's.

» they are responsible for making unstable the livelihood of other people's families, and precarious their subsistence.

» they are inescapably obligated to not pretend that there are no consequences when disturbing, interrupting, and capriciously make changes to nature's ways.

Since the last decade of the XX century, women remain silent when asked to validate, to authenticate, and to demonstrate how exactly is it that nature made a mistake when it comes to men and women being equal. Their silence speaks volumes. It may be because nature's mastermind took a decision that no one can change, revert, or undo.

Despite personal preferences, a decision as to who women are ~and their role in life~ is final; and certainly not open for negotiation. Who women are is final.

one is not born a woman. one becomes a woman.
but not one woman ever became genuine if she
mimics and imitates men.

-- Simone de Beauvoir

1908 - 1986

French Social Analyst

The end of this view

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