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There Is Someone Out There

By George Josserme

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• article synopsis •

This is an article exposing the mind of an analytical man and his conclusions about experiences he was not expecting.

He asks his readers
to be the judge.

Those with a well-oiled brain that makes it to the top floor have reading to discern if they are good judges.

IN OVER SIXTY YEARS OF EXISTENCE, several extraordinary events developed in my life. Each of them left me fascinated, mesmerized, and thinking. You be the judge of what happened, and read about my analysis and final conclusion.

I have just been certified as International Open Waters SCUBA Diver when I was in one of my first incursions underwater resting at the bottom of the sea with my instrument reading 39 feet. It was impossible not to notice a plethora of captivating scenes of plants dancing in slow motion surrounded by coral and fish of spectacular colors and shapes all immersed in crystal-clear water. It felt to me as if it was all brought in from another planet.

Immobile on the same spot for several minutes, I received the visit of a curious fish. The six to seven inches long little guy decided to know more about me. He touched my leg with his little mouth several times, but he did not hurt me at all. Up close, I was able to distinguish the bright yellow color of his body unlike a yellow that I have seen on Earth. His eye was a perfect black circle, and starting at it, two thin lines in alike deep black were both graciously stretching towards the edges of his body as they grew wider when reaching the tail. Truly, an impactful design and combination of colors.

I was magnetized enjoying such a wide array of stunning scenes that I have been presented with ~and reminding myself to breath in deeply~ when a sudden, strong feeling jolted me: "There is someone out there who must have created all of this." I could not afford to be breathless, but it felt like I was about to when briskly ascending to the surface breaking half of the SCUBA diving rules I was supposed to follow.

Once aboard the vessel, I had my eyes fixed on those waters ~and my mind playing back what I was presented with~ when I begun to question myself if evolution could create such an impactful combination of colors and designs by one mere coincidence and a twist of fate. I repeatedly told myself "Geeez... if this was created... there is someone out here then."

Far and away from that part of our planet, I was visiting one of the seven Canary Islands. They belong to Spain, and the island of Tenerife has the tallest mountain in Spain. Actually, it is a volcano inactive since 1908. After playing in the snow for a week-end, I began to descend toward the shores of the island knowing that a delightful tropical-like weather was awaiting. It was one car drive with not less spectacular views right, left, and everywhere I looked at. The uncommon car drive was interrupted when a routine glance at the rear-view mirror presented me with a scene that looked like a Monet painting.

What an impressive and imposing view ! - I had to stop my car on the shoulder.

To my left ~and well above the road on my side~ the mountain's silhouette contrasted with a deep blue sky. To my right ~and well below the road~ a layer of flat clouds looked like one gigantic lake of cotton surrounding the mountain. On the horizon, the last lights of the sun were casting a reddish-orange magenta color on the surface of that massive lake of cotton. As if placed by the hand of an artist, the contrasting silverish light of a full-moon painted the vegetation on the slops of the mountain. Wow !

As I am reaching my older years, I can recall several similar experiences all of which jolted me. In all of them, what I was presented with did not send me the message that they were created by shear coincidence or a twist of fate. Instead, what jolted me those many times was that they are creations presented to those who can perceive a message: "I'm here."

Recently, I had another of those extraordinary events; but this one did not jolt me.

This time was an unknown woman who showed up in my life, and she explained to me that each of those jolting, strong feelings that I experienced throughout my life were purposely intended by a being. She reveals that such being that jolted me so many times with his creations is the same being who promises a brand new life, but only to a few.

It is a life but not a limbo somewhere as many of us are taught, she continues. It is real life on planet Earth without illnesses, pain, and wars. It is life where healthful food, a sparkling water, and clean air will be plentiful. It's life where wickedness ~and folks who practice it~ stand no chance to succeed. It is a life only for worthy people who are righteous, honorable, possess integrity, and to whom LOVE flow through them and out to others including animals every day of their lives.

"Those are people deserving a life worth living. It is a life that will last to time indefinite," she said before she disappeared from my life as mysteriously as she showed up in it.

would it be possible that whoever is out there is a big fat liar
offering a splendid life with no intention of giving it to us?

of course it is possible !   but... is it likely?

be a good judge. it determines
what will happen to you.

The end of this view

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