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One Transcendental Day

By George Josserme

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EVE DID SOMETHING WRONG. Her conscience was telling her that she did so. She was confronted on her wrong-doings, but Eve's foolish response was an attempt to find a way out; and literally washing her hands, she passed the blame on to someone else: The Serpent.

Although it was rather simple event, Eve showed her Lord that she ignored His instructions. Firstly, she shoddily and cheaply passes blame on to someone else [the serpent]. Secondly, she ruinously shows Yahweh that she is reluctant to admit her wrong-doings and to confess her offenses which likely includes those in the future. Thirdly, she stupidly strives to deceit God by denying Responsibility & Accountability.

That was the day that draw one line ~certainly not intended by God~ and a brand new era to humans started calamitous disasters all of which severely affected the life of all humans born after Adam & Eve. It can all be seen when...

Wars, violence, tortures, fears, desolation, sorrow, hopelessness,
anguish, pessimism, sadness, depression, grief, anxiety, despair,
betrayal of trust, broken hearts, lost relationships, and illnesses
are each of them the direct result of a transcendental day when
Eve messed up badly by disobeying, not being loyal, and denying
transgressions. After her act, Eve left us with all of it.

WHAT ELSE HAPPENED IN SUCH TRANSCENDENTAL DAY in the history of humans? Eve's and Adams's rights to be perfect humans were revoked, and they both were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. As expected, Eve and Adam became older until they died. Eve's and Adam's irreversible end was the severe result of disobeying and failing to show trustworthiness expected of them.

Today, thousands of years later, it is noticeable large number of people who go through life following Eve's footsteps not admitting their wrong-doings. What comes immediately after their denial is likely to be what Eve did, and that is to pass blame on to someone else. Just like her, untrustworthy people will also be uprooted and discarded. The reason will be to not abide by, act on, and respect a Mastermind's word.

Their maliciousness makes persistent and tenacious those detrimental, destructive, harmful situations above. Our world today still experiences enmity, abomination, deceit, dishonesty, and cruelty because Eve's followers succeed at making others ~including pets and animals~ suffer because they do whatever they want ignoring the one with the last word.

It can be observed how families allow their youngsters to learn from examples presented to them by parents, close family members, and immediate society they grew up in. Youngsters are taught with those examples how to negate their wrong-doings, how to deceive others, and how to repudiate people who confront them.

When the time comes, we will all be found on either the side of the fence together with Eve vanishing in emptiness OR on the side of the fence with people who will all be offered a life worth living on planet earth. They are the ones who today take time to learn why those who are better people go through life acting in accordance with a mastermind's instructions, and obeying His word.

When the times comes, which side of the fence will you be found on ?

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