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How Can I Find Peace

By George Josserme

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ARE YOU OLD ENOUGH? If you are, you may have noticed how life in today's world is progressively getting worst as time goes by. It makes one ask ourselves "How can I find peace to cope with it?" It is as if we were walking down a road in a gorgeous, warm, sunny day with an agreeable breeze, and beauty of natural scenes around us when the sky progressively gets dark, thunder booms unpleasantly, lightening blindly flashes, rain falls in torrents, strong winds take away our things, and days of one's life get miserable.

It certainly feels like yelling "How can I find peace !"

Now, imagine that you could find alongside that road of today's harsh life a sturdy shelter. It offers safety, protection, and that peace you can not find elsewhere. Would you rush with your family to seek shelter in the solid and well-built place? Stupid question, is not it? Even people with little common sense and not much intellect would rush to it.

Good common sense and solid intellect are needed, however, to decipher that it is not likely that everyone will be allowed in the only available place offering true safety, real protection, and abundance of peace. If you are old enough, you do possess good common sense with a solid intellect, and you already asked "How can I find peace," you likely deciphered on your own that most likely someone decides who goes in and who stays out.

Some of the wisest folks in the world are getting fearful. They want to know if they qualify. Some venture to say "You have to believe in whoever decides who qualifies." Well... there is much more than a simplistic "You have to believe..." Believing is not enough to qualify for a shelter that guarantees true safety, real protection, and abundance of peace. If it were one simple matter of saying "I believe", it would be too easy; isn't it?

It is because...

» The owner of that shelter observes us to corroborate if we provide the evidence that we deserve to be allowed in His shelter. He watches attentively to the way we live our life; the way we act; how honest our intents are; how considerate we show to be to others including animals; how sincere feelings in our heart are; how much we give or share with good folks in need.

» The owner puts a mark on hypocrites and pretenders claiming to believe, but succumb and capitulate to drugs and/or alcohol; immoral sex; fail to love in truth; are disrespectful to others; show unkindness to animals; worship money, power, or both; have idols; cheat, lie, and deceive; show stupor and apathy for what is proper and correct; demonstrate greed with their selfish acts of "It is all about me."

What would you do?

If you were the architect, builder, and owner of such a sturdy and well-built shelter, would you allow in it EVERYONE who asks for it OR would you allow in it folks who live in distress, affliction, and harsh difficulties who repeatedly ask themselves "How can I find peace" and rightfully deserve safety, protection, and abundance of peace for doing NONE of the above ?

yahweh will provide escape from wicked people,
and will save them. it is because they have taken
refuge in Him.

-- Psalms 37:40

the upright will dwell on earth
and the blameless will remain on it,
but the wicked will be cut off and the
unfaithful will be uprooted from earth.

-- Proverbs 2:21,22

the meek ones will posses the earth,
and they will find exquisite delight
in the abundance of peace.

-- Psalms 37:11

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