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Our Formative Years - Nothing Is Final

By George Josserme

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THERE IS A CONCEPTUALIZATION deep in the science of Psychology worth considering. Although it may require certain degree of intellect to grab the concept, it is not any small the number of scientists who deciphered ~based on certain scientific facts~ that our lives are significantly influenced by human qualities, core material, and a set of values and principles that we received from people who were intimately connected to us during our formative years.

It all gets started during those critically formative years of childhood, and early to mid-teen years. Our family and the environment of the society we grew up in presents us with those people's human qualities, core materials, values, and principles; and not the least important is how well they expressed love toward us. All of it is wrapped up by the experiences we are exposed to and the examples they present us with. For instance, some of the experiences show us what is right or what is wrong according to 'their beliefs.'

Folks who were less fortunate during formative years
should become aware that nothing which detrimentally
shaped and sculpted their lives ~and the quality of it~ is final.
To find a less toxic society may prove to be such an act of wisdom with immense detox benefits.

None of us had a chance to choose the environment of the society we grew up in, the human values and qualities of that society, and who were the members of the family we grew up in. Nonetheless, all of it had the power to decisively shape and sculpt who we likely become later in life.

It takes, however, a well developed intellect to understand that it strongly affects the course of events in our life ~and the overall state of our mind~ if we surround ourselves by people raised to have premium core material, who offer us high human qualities, and who unselfishly present us with a set of values and principles that enrich, enhance, and boost our lives.

Those who were less fortunate can exercise their undeniable right to put together their own cocktail with ingredients mandated by the mastermind behind nature. It is the only way that guarantees them ~and each one of us~ to shape and to sculpt an uplifting and encouraging life worth living which allows to leave behind what was not. They can do it all with a smile on their face.

The end of this view

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