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Celebration of Love

By George Josserme

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WHEN A MAN AND A WOMAN unite their lives, they expect what newly-wed couples do; and that is to remain in Love holding hands with each other to go through life's contentions and conflicts as well as to enjoy together the greatest moments life has to offer. Those who are not so newly-wed also want to remain in love as they were the first day.

One engages in the Celebration of Love but not with words, presents, or kisses. One does celebrate Love when we demonstrate, confirm, and affirm that our Love dignifies a spouse; and one feel urged us to find ways to express it.

A mother once said to her son...
"Whenever someone tells you 'I love you,'
in silence and to yourself, you say... 'Show me.' "

There was once a couple of not so newly-weds.
Both of them did their part to... 'Show me.'

THE HUSBAND took half day off at work, and in great excitement, he called to tell her wife that he is on his way home to pick her up and to take her to the lake. She was thrilled by her devoted husband, and was ready to go when he arrived. They both felt like high school kids laughing, rejoicing, and in love with each other.

On their way to the lake, he made one unexpected stop and left his car; but the car had its engine running. She was wondering where he was going. In just one minute or so, he came back, and through the passenger's side window, he stretched his hand holding a red rose. He told his wife that he will walk to the moon if that is what it takes to find her again, and that she is all he will ever need in life.

Earlier in his life, this man found that some Classical Music has power to cuddle his senses. Once they arrived at the lake, and under the shade of a big oak tree, he brought his wife to that world that he finds enchanting, absorbing, and captivating. Using his music player, he played Chopin's Nocturne as he delicately brushed his wife's skin with the tips of his fingers mimicking a piano.

The sun was setting in the late afternoon hours of a day they both enjoyed by the lake's shore when this man revealed to his wife that he had another surprise for her.

He took her to a French Bistro where the environment was quite, private, background music could not have been more appropriately chosen. The food could bring anyone's senses to a high point. After enjoying every bite of it, and right before dessert was served, he took her to dance; but before the end of their first romantic dance, he discreetly kissed her so as for her to not feel embarrassed if anyone was watching.

This husband's actions and affections have all vastly demonstrated, confirmed, and affirmed his wife how far his Love for her can go.

Once at home, that day's wonderful Celebration of Love lead to a physical encounter. The loving husband's sense and sensibility did not precipitate matters nor promote one act that his wife may not be ready for. This man is one of few who envisions his wife as the one who ~in allegorical meaning~ at the end of a Celebration of Love decides when to open the door that finds on the other side the physical encounter that makes one man and one woman become one flesh.

They didn't do it. They didn't have it. They didn't indulge themselves in a commodity.

At the end of that evening ~like some of the times they celebrate Love~ they received what men and women may when they cloth themselves with a perfect bond: Love. That bond may receive a sacred gift awarded only at the end of a Celebration of Love.

Time went by, and this man and
his wife did more to... 'Show Me.'

This husband had such busy, aggravating, and obfuscating day at work. The drive back home by the lake did not bring up memories of those superb times in harmony that he and his wife spent in it. Those were the days when they demonstrated, confirmed, and affirmed the wonderful feeling of Love which carried meaningful weight in building the foundation of their lives.

That day, he wanted to get home and find a wife willing to help him relax his state of mind. Instead, he found a loud wife disclosing an unwelcome situation that developed with their bank, that some bills need his attention, and that one of their friends is organizing a party and want them to go to it but she does want to.

He pointed out to his wife that ~as a result of a hard day at work~ he is very exhausted. She responded that he is not welcome to bring home problems he should tackle and resolve at work, and that his work and work-related concerns are part of his life but none are part of hers. It was then when he likely reached a threshold he could not prevent from crossing, and not showing affection but aggressive desire, he undressed his wife and had sex.

Possibly, the wife was in disagreement with her husband's loveless act. Probably, she saw in a flash that a relationship built on a solid foundation of Love and sacred gifts granted at the end of their Celebrations of Love was showing that it was deprecated and falling to pieces.

will it be possible that an otherwise fine man and once devoted husband
willing to surprise his wife with unexpected trips to lakes, roses, and
french bistros to demonstrate, confirm, and affirm his feelings has
come to become part of a system of things likely to condemn and
denigrate his once pristine relationship ?

will it be possible that the wife that once was like an excited, in love
high school kid rushing to a field trip has elected to be unconcerned
with her husband's needs, became superficial, trivial, and decided
to bring proverbs 25:24 to her once genuine relationship?

discuss it, ladies and gentlemen. discuss it.

The end of this view

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