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Raised To A Higher Order

By George Josserme

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Responsible intent, genuine dedication, efforts. They're properly implemented not in words but with examples. It is how better parents do it.

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It was to the young boy life before and after. It means that good experiences were critical to Georges during a period of formative years.

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Georges face-to-face with High School. It is what he needs for his knowledge and his intellect to develop further. Nobody knows why.

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Jeannette is knowledgeable and avid equestrian. They had memorable experience riding horses in the country. Later, Georges left a mark that impressed her family.

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A jaw-dropping event was managed in ways the finely educated people do, but a time has come for Georges to go on with his own life.

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Oak Trees Die Standing Up

THERE IS A LAND in Europe known for its rich soil and mild southern weather providing abundance of fruits, vegetables, grapes. Since the days of the Renaissance, people in that land perfected the use of produce and grapes. Their devotion resulted in recipes and well-developed cooking practices all known worldwide as epitome of the finest cuisine. Their commitment went further and became foundation of wines with exquisite flavor and aroma. It makes genuine that sitting at their table becomes a sublime experience.

In those days ~and at least in that land~ when one baby was brought into this world, it was with responsible intent and dedication. Concerted efforts were invested by parents whose genuine goals and purposes were to raise their baby in a manner that he or she will become a fine man or woman of exemplary human qualities.

In those days ~and at least in that land~ parents knew of an image
embedded in a baby at birth. It gets badly distorted if they fail playing
their parental role, and severely corroded if a baby grows up in an antagonistic
society in which enmity, maliciousness, and cruelty are accepted.

THOSE PARENTS ALSO KNEW that knowledge must be well-implemented with unfailing efforts and consecrated dedication to preserve the baby's image as intact as possible. It must be done as a baby grows into a kid, an adolescent, and full-grown adult who will spend his life displaying ~like billboards by the side of a main road~ to what extent his parents succeeded at keeping intact, undamaged, and whole that immaculate set of human qualities of a higher order part of the image embedded in their baby at birth.

A couple of years after WWII ended, a boy was born in a town on the southern coast of that land bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. His name was Georges.

Georges did not have a brother or sister, and remained so all his childhood. He had three wonderful friends-pets. They were a critical part of Georges' life, and his development as a child. All four had a healthful relationship spending together lasting moments of meaningful weight. Georges' parents conscientiously planned how his first year in life will develop, and diligent to execute what they planned. No detail was set aside or ignored. Nothing was frail impromptu spur-of-a-moment. That was the milieu in Georges' life since that day when he arrived to this world.

Although his parents were not obsessed, they liked Classical Music written by small number of 17th. and 18th. century composers. That music playing throughout their home each day had a positive and fruitful effect in the young boy's mind and intellect. In the XXI century, it is not small the number of scientists that conclusively construed that that should be expected in any young mind. To Georges, it was an essential part of his development.

Furthermore, his parents played yet other roles of immense prominence during Georges' formative years. His father was an accomplished musician who exquisitely played the violin. This man was not a professional nor did he envision being one. He revealed well-defined abilities and talents playing his violin for his family and friends.

It was often when Georges' father would sit in front of him to play enchanting music. As Georges remained growing older, his father showed him the basics of playing a violin. His son was not playing the father's instrument; but over time, Georges was visually learning what it takes to play a violin. This is how Georges' father introduced his son to a violin. Sometimes, he would tell him..."Maybe, one day, you will play your own violin."

Unquestionably, becoming familiar with well-chosen Classical Music, listening to his father playing, and gradually learning the basics was of great significance to the young boy. There was more of not less significance and meaningful impact in his life.

On her side, Georges' mother greatest accomplishment that everyone enjoyed was to hear her reciting poems. Just like her husband, she had a tangible and incontestable ability. She would recite poems that would make those with sensitivity to perceive deeply feel the meaning of words in the poem as intended by the author. Like Georges' dad with his violin, she also thought that her reciting would have a positive effect on the young boy.

This lady had never written a poem or ode, but she was distinctively good at choosing authors' poems. Georges' mother knew how to select poems that she could outstandingly interpret making people deeply feel.

Clearly, this poem was written for a woman to recite.

During the last third of the poem she appears to change who she is talking to. The listener must determine if she is ~or not~ talking to God. The woman in the poem says that she can tell that the time has come for him to leave her, and she accepts it. Still, she will be thrilled to find him again one day.

Words in the well-written poem ~and the way Georges' mother suitably puts sentiments to recite it~ makes everyone listening to become emotional, and to feel like they have a stone in their throats. As she recites, her husband is twenty feet ~or so~ behind her. He's softly playing the Ave Maria with his violin. He creatively follows the highs and lows of his wife’s voice interpreting words in such wonderful written work. Suitably, he plays softly enough as to not overpower her.

Georges' mother reciting was well-celebrated by friends, relatives, and anyone who had the chance to listening to her. She had an innate capacity to interpret what an author wanted to convey in a superlative, awe-inspiring interpretation. As it may be expected, Georges was admiring his mother and father since such an early stage of his life; and that also has had such an impactful effect during his formative years.

Georges was a young boy when his mother was invited to one local radio talk-show. The invitation to come to the Radio Station and to be part of this talk-show was a weekly affair. Radio executives, and the host, were thrilled to have her on the air reciting the well-chosen poems in her repertoire. The response of the audience was a reason why the radio executives and the host of the talk-show wanted her every week.

To young Georges was a totally different thrill. At each weekly talk-show, he was in ecstasy able to see the inner-works of a Radio Station putting a program on the air. All he had to do was to sit quietly and watch every bit of action occurring right in front of his wide-open eyes. Everything was exhilarating to him, and the icing on the cake was his mother being the star of all of it.

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