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An Officer And A Lady

By George Josserme

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One man's and a woman's paths came to a crossroad at the least expected time of their lives. He sent her his message, but one with no words.

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The souls of an officer and one lady entwined in ways that no one would expect that what occurred during the night actually did; and what one would expect to happen... it didn't.

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An officer presenting a lady with irrefutable facts. She is about to discover what she yearned for so long.

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What If It Is True

IT WAS AMID A CALM, warm, and windless night in a paradisiac and alluring place when she was sitting on a bench at a Bus Stop, but not aware that she was waiting for a man. So it happened when, in the bareness of the night, she detects the scene of a man who is elegantly carrying his uniform and approaching her.

After he arrives, the officer offers an unfriendly salutation; but he realizes his impoliteness right away. To justify his state of mind, he extends to the only passenger at the Bus Stop a proper apology, and briefly explains in few words of a complex day with a court appearance and recalcitrant people refusing to respect the rules. "All I want is to give my aching legs and tired mind a deserved rest," he whispered.

No one is on sight. They are both alone and just a few feet to each other in a dreamily quite setting. It was when Betsy gracefully started courteous, placid, serene conversation likely to soothe a man in need of something kind. He noticed her gentle intent, and to correspond to her deed, the officer forces himself to relax showing that he has a genuine interest in a duologue developing into an agreeable instance. The officer's intuition calls his attention to perceive further, and to make a distinction of the scarce qualities this lady irradiates.

After they talked for a while, they both came aboard a bus with few passengers. There was no contact after boarding. A short bus ride took them to the same intersection where they got off at.

After waiting for a pedestrian light, she went her way across one street. Then, yet another crossing, and a short walk took her to a hotel with front stairs leading up to a lobby. The officer, though, stood at the intersection watching her until she reached the hotel staircase; and vanished in the lobby.

Before she did so, the officer managed to identify an ephemeral glance of hers looking in his direction a split of a second before she vanished in the lobby's sparkling lights. Perhaps, she sensed an officer’s eyes following her every move. If that was the case, she needed that fugacious glance to resolve her burning question: "Is he still there ?"

The officer had one enigma of his own, and he rushed across the street; but he did not wait for the pedestrian light. He felt the urge to walk up the staircase to look in that hotel's lobby anticipating that the unexplored lady irradiating scarce qualities might still be visible in the glitter of such an elegant place.

He saw her when she turned away from a front desk looking down to her mail. He could not miss that moment to contemplate her. It was not hard for him to perceive finesse in one of few-and-far-between women surfacing in a man's life. He knew that finesse is rare, and human qualities of a higher worth are all uncommon in today’s world. If any of it survived, he may be looking at those uncommon qualities and the rare finesse incased in that woman that evening.

When Betsy detected the officer's presence, she experienced a crash of thunder that felt like one jolt of thrilling exhilaration running through her entire self.

Minutes ago, Betsy's fugacious glance let her verify what she felt; and that was that he had a quick look at her. His presence in that hotel's lobby meant more than 'a quick look at her.' He was anchored to the big entry-door contemplating her. He was motionless, wordless, not making gestures, and not taking any action. He was lifeless. Such intriguing approach kept Betsy breathless, and her thrilling exhilaration remained skyrocketing.

Betsy's brain was flaming with burning questions: "Why is he there ?" - "What does he want from me ?" - "What am I supposed to do ?"" - The officer remained like carved out of one rock in Betsy’s territory sending her his message but without words. He was hoping for her to interpret the insinuated content of a muted message.

The excuse she had to evade and to flee his eyes was to continue shuffling her mail. She did so until she finally read between the lines decrypting his entire hushed message. She needed some time to unravel something: 'Did she want in or out ?' As Betsy took the time she needed, they were holding their breaths in suspense. She was such a bundle of nerves and uncertainty, but appeared to be calm when Betsy decisively walked toward the officer gluing her eyes on his.

Betsy and the security officer were on a collision course,
and not yet face-to-face, their hearts were pounding.

WHEN THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER IN THE EYES, it was breathtaking, arousing. They devoted many seconds in silence to contemplate their faces like an unalloyed man and a woman of scarce qualities do it: not playing games. If moments could have magic, that was it. The enchanting and absorbing moment seemed to last endlessly, and like no other prior instance in their lives, such a moment kept them both breathless.

Betsy broke the moment to bring reality whispering at the officer: "Are you still hungry ?" "...and thirsty as well" he whispered back with half smile on his face.

Motivated and excited, Betsy asked the officer to give her a few minutes before going up to her room. He said that he will go out for a while. She was troubled that he may be leaving, but the officer brought relieve again saying that he will bring in something to drink; and that he will knock on the door of her room in ten to twelve minutes time.

The officer was back as promised, he was invited in, and the dead-quite hotel's fifth floor heard the echoing sound of their door closing. It was a sound which ~little they knew~ has just sealed their destiny. To time indefinite, perhaps.

What may happen between an unalloyed man who feels in the prime of his life, and a lady with the scarce qualities of a classy dame happened one calm, warm, and windless night in such paradisiac and alluring place somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

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