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Simple Secret To Eat Healthy Food

By Chef Todd Mohr

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THERE ARE SIMPLE WAYS TO EAT HEALTHY. Generally, simple meals are healthy food. They do not come wrapped up in plastic and they do not have one label printed with a list of ingredients. Tomatoes neither have a label that says 'Tomatoes' nor they display a list of the ingredients it is made out of.

Since I was studying to become a Chef, I've been researching the cuisine in France. All my findings led me to construe that this principle you have just read can be found everywhere in French Cuisine wisely used by French folks in their meals.

Should you consider French Cuisine, you can be reassured that you're eating healthy meals. For instance, there's cooking known as 'Terroir Cuisine.' Terroir is a French word that literally means 'earth.' It has come to be used as all things that are produced locally to where you live. As explained to me, Terroir is 'Sun, soil, and the love of the farmer.'

Pascale Mierve is owner of L'Epicerie Fine. It is a multi-generational Grocery & Spice Dealer. He personally explains 'Terroir' in such an elegant way... "You have to respect seasons." He tells me that "You should not eat tomatoes in December... you eat potatoes in December."

What French cuisine has taught me, and Pascal verifies, is that eating healthy foods means eating what is grown or produced locally AND what is harvested seasonally. Also, it means to stay away from any kind of foods with no nutrients.

The most nutritious and the most flavorful foods are ~most likely~ those that come from within few miles of your home. Eating healthy food should not be a top secret. It is because ~if you eat local and seasonal produce~ you'll be eating healthy and satisfying meals; and that is not a secret.

I hope that you will take the lessons that I have learned from studying French Cuisine. Should you be wise enough, you too will begin eating fresher ingredients from your local farmer. He has the nutrients that you want to eat every day.

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