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How-To Of Herbs And Shrimp

By Chef Tom Stafford

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An article written by an American Chef telling us that herbs and shrimp all have nutrients needed to remain healthful.

Bring up your chair, and you decide which side of the fence you want to be on.

Why a man should die if herbs grow
in his garden.

-- Popular French Saying

A NEW TREND for the wiser folks in the first years of the XXI century was to stay away from the corporate profit-minded agro-businesses. Those wiser consumers go back to a healthier food by supporting local farmers. They'll cook not only healthier food, but they enjoy much tastier meals when using fresh, locally grown produce.

I'm a French-trained Chef, and I'll give you some critical advice on two issues that I can tell people are not fully aware of. One has power to give you the benefits of a superb taste in a meal with healthy nutrients. The other retains nutrients shrimp comes with.

healthy cooking always includes herbs

I recommend to dry herbs. They give meals a heavenly taste which is one of French folks' secrets. You may find sources of information telling you that there are 3 ways to dry herbs. Ignore all ways forcefully accelerating the drying process. It does kill herbs' nutrients. The ONLY way to create desirable results is to do it 'naturally.'

Follow these steps, and you will not regret it:

Locate a dark, warm, dry area ~if possible~ but with a reasonably good air circulation. Buy a window screen [it is inexpensive] and place it on top of several clean bricks or wooden table. Gently wash leaves, and pat dry. Cut healthy leaves from stems and lay them on the screen in one layer. Periodically, turn leaves over so that both surfaces of the leaf are well exposed to air. In 7 to 12 days, the leaves should be dry. Do NOT cut them up. Store them whole in glass jars. You cut them up in smaller pieces shortly before you use them.

The purpose is to keep the leaves' natural oils and nutrients until ready to go in a meal.

In case of long stems, you also wash them and gently pat them dry. Then, tie together several of them and hung them up in the same area as above. In other words, you do not use the window screen. Just tie several stems together, and hung them up.

What you just read is the easiest and most efficient way to get herbs that will give you what the mastermind behind Mother Nature intended for us to benefit from.

get the most out of shrimp

My first recommendation is to buy the freshest shrimp with the heads and shell still on. Both assure you that your shrimp has never been frozen, or otherwise, the innards of the head turn into a white goop. Head and shell are parts of the shrimp loaded with healthy Collagen. Use both as if you were making broth.

In addition to healthful part of it, that liquid gives flavor and structure to a Shrimp Sauce and heavenly flavor to Shrimp Cocktail as well as when cooking fish. Do as I and French do, and stop throwing away the heads and shells of the shrimp you just cleaned.

Trust me if I tell you that all of the above is just one of the easy ways to eat healthier every day of your life if you are that wise.

About Author Chef Tom Stafford

Mr. Tom Stafford is a Chef who received his training in Paris, France. He is also owner of a well-known restaurant in the U.S.A. No further information was supplied.

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