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French Mediterranean Diet - Benefits of Herbs

By George Josserme

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Mother nature's creator for Himself designed nutritious foods for our body to have lengthy and healthful life.

At every meal, we choose
if we want to live that way;
or not.

The French Mediterranean Diet and benefits of herbs are not
a diet. It is the lifestyle of more evolved people.

-- Chef Todd Mohr
French Trained Chef
- 2010

WHEN IT COMES TO COOKING, French people have one cooking-lifestyle which they started in the 1500s. According to the imagination of people who are not French, there is cooking-lifestyle in southern France called French Mediterranean Diet. The people of France never heard of it, however.

Since the days of the Renaissance, they discovered that vegetables and fruits present larger variety of nutrients than once believed; and that herbs possess realistic anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, disease-preventing properties. Since those days, benefits of herbs have been considered important remedies for us humans ~and our pets~ as long as we consume them regularly over extended periods of time.

Bring up your chair, and decipher what folks in the land of Louis Pasteur for centuries know about benefits of herbs and why since the days of the Renaissance French folks still say... 'Why a man should die when herbs grow in his garden.'

The mastermind behind nature provided foods He designed for Himself. The reason He had was because He intended for our bodies to have a lengthy and healthful life. French people excelled at understanding that, and long ago, they fully realized that herbs may be used in meals to gain two vital roles. Firstly, herbs do possess meaningful health-related benefits. Secondly, all herbs enhance with taste and aroma each bite of a well-thought-out recipe.

Pay attention to what comes next. It is important.

The leaves in herbs are the ones containing certain oils. When we break up the leaves into small pieces, those oils are set free from their confinement, they mix, and they are exposed to air. Such combination almost miraculously provides taste and aroma to food as well as the well-known healthful benefits of herbs. It is vital to understand that the taste, aroma, and benefits of herbs ~as a mastermind does in other processes in nature~ may deteriorate within a short period of time.

We may rightfully construe that one thing French people discovered
a long time ago is that herbs' leaves must be cut into small pieces right
before they are used in meals. However, accepting that some qualities
are lost to a certain degree, it is satisfactory to buy them already cut
and still receive benefits of herbs.

FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW. It is an article elucidating how to correctly work with herbs that give us highly advantageous benefits in identical manner French people begun to implement a long time ago. Those folks are known for their lengthy and healthy lives, for their exquisite cuisine, and for that French Mediterranean Diet which exists only in the imagination of people who live outside France.

When it comes to food and meals, people of the land of Louis Pasteur developed a lifestyle ~rather than a diet~ and excelled at it. Part of the success is how well they can understand a precious gift given to us: the undeniable benefits of herbs.

About Author Mr. George Josserme

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