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Is Le Creuset Quality French Kitchenware ?

By John W. Roberts

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COLOR CHOICES IS WHAT FIRSTLY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION. I point this out because, throughout decades, this manufacturer has had splendid color choices. A French oven I own is Kelly Green which was discontinued; but with a varied selection of colors they offer, you can always find one that fits your taste, or your kitchen.

I have a Le Creuset kettle which is not solid color. Unquestionably, solid colors are likeable, but I do not like the fading from dark to light that several pieces display. As a matter of fact, the enamel coating is what makes the finish of these pots clean, bright, and shiny.

I love cooking with cast iron because the heat distribution is excellent. But cast iron is a pain to clean and take care of. That is why an enamel covered cast iron ~like Le Creuset~ is excellent. I have cooked with cheap pots and there is such huge difference between them and the thick-walled cast iron of much-better-made Le Creuset French oven.

I guess the only drawback with cast iron cookware is that it is heavy. So, make sure to use both hands ! - Otherwise, It is such a joy to cook with it.

When I was young, my grandma had aqua color Le Creuset Roasting Pan. It is now owned by my mom. I would guess that pan is 60 years old. If it were not because of her easy to recognize design, you would think it is only few years old. I figured that the 6 Le Creuset French Kitchenware that I own today will last the rest of my life. I hope that my son will not take them before I'm gone.

The size of the 5 ½ quart French oven is perfect. You can cook most soups and stews for a few people, but it is not too large to easily manage and carry around the kitchen.

The price of these kitchenware may be hard to swallow. Let's consider that the cost is not so bad because one won't have to buy French Kitchenware for the rest of our life.

Out of the many people that I know who owns a Le Creuset, no one who bought this quality French Kitchenware ever rerated it.

About Author Mr. John R. Roberts

For more information about Le Creuset French oven go to Culinary School New York.

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