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Cheap Cleaners With Wisdom

By George Josserme

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THREE FAMILIES DISCOVERED 2 formulas to clean Windows & Mirrors. Later on, they found another one that works great as a Fabric Softener. Their conclusion was that they save money, and they do not expose family members ~including all their pets~ to toxic chemicals. They gracefully share their findings for others to benefit from.

All of the above warrants an article to present you with the same benefits. It is wise to first elaborate, however, on important facts and guidelines to keep in mind:

1.- Do not mix Bleach and Ammonia together. It is advisable to not mix Bleach with any product. Once correctly diluted and used with caution, Bleach is safe enough to be used alone. It efficiently cleans and kills bacteria, but it is safer to leave it alone.

2.- White Vinegar is not costly, and it is very good at disinfecting, deodorizing, removing tarnish, cutting grease, and dislodging Laundry Detergent from fabrics.

3.- Sodium Bicarbonate is also known as Baking Soda. It is a marvel as a mild abrasive, whitener, deodorizer, and water softener. A highly recommended to place some in your clean hand and add some water to make a paste of Baking Soda. Then, pick it up with a Tooth Brush to brush your teeth. You will not regret making it a habit to do this regularly.

4.- Washing Soda is known as Soda Wash. In many ways, it is similar to baking soda. However, it is more alkaline; and therefore, it is more powerful; and hence, it must be handled with caution. Same properties as Baking Soda but more intensive. Do NOT use it to brush your teeth !

5.- Castile Soap is made exclusively from vegetable oil. The better quality Castile Soap is made with Olive Oil. It is an effective and mild cleaner.

Fabric Softener - After you start your top-load machine ~but before water level fills to the top~ add one cup [8 oz.] of Baking Soda. In front-load machines, add the Baking Soda to the machine's container labeled Softener. As rinse cycle starts filling the machine, add one cup [8 oz.] of White Vinegar. As you slowly pour it in, ensure that there is enough water for the vinegar to gradually dilute with the water. The White Vinager removes Laundry Detergent residues left behind and trapped in the fibers of your fabrics.

Let these friends do their job, and keep your family away from chemicals. Moreover, the money you save not buying commercial products can be used to buy healthier foods.

two efficient & trustworthy cleaners

Window Cleaner - You have below two different formulas that can be used for cleaning both glass and mirrors. You may use a spray bottle with a built-in pump. Ensure that you label that spray bottle. Also, it is highly recommended to use Distilled Water to avoid harshness in the tap water's minerals.

» Formula 1 - 1 cup [8 oz.] Rubbing Alcohol + 1 cup [8 oz.] Distilled Water + 1 tablespoon White Vinegar.

» Formula 2 - 2 cups water [16 oz.] + 1/4 cup [2 oz] White Vinegar + 2 drops of Dishwashing Liquid.

Do not let these formulas lead you to believe that they are not efficient. Be thoughtful ! - Enjoy wisdom !

About Author Mr. George Josserme

This man located three families which tested and verified that 2 Window Cleaners and 1 Fabric Softener do their job proficiently, and wisely. He shares his findings.

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